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You find yourself in a new room. Or at least it seems
like a room, but it looks like a garden.
The floor is covered in a soft green material like grass,
and a small stone fountain
sits in the center of the room.

On the edge of the fountain sits a small horse like creature.
Others are all around the room.

You look around, perplexed, trying to figure out why
go to all the trouble of creating the out-of-doors
indoors for these tiny creatures. You turn around and see SilverWing standing
behind you smiling. "Do you like it?" she askes,
"It's the newest addition to the castle!
Kie-ko, is a Jueru no ko, from Minidragon Isle.
Saddly the Isle has since closed. The others
are from Sha-Haven. The two autumns are aernels.
They are called Evening Glow and Sunset. The winters are
shaenals. They are called Ice and Storm.
There are links there at the
back of the room. There are all kinds of
wonderful creatures. Why don't you go and see for yourself
after your visit here? Jayson may
even let you adopt some of your own!
"Um, ok. But why go to the trouble for them?" you ask.
"Why not?"
she replys, "Here you have no rain, no bad weather, no insects,
set you own climate, the perfect out doors. Perfect, because
it's indoors! Get it?" She askes. You shake
you head no and as you cheerfully reply "Yea!"
She laughs then proceed to explain. "They
are tiny creatures. There very special to me.
I'm just trying to create a more natural
habitat for them without all the dangers." Ah!
You nod you head yes this time!

You notice the doors at the back of the room.
Among them, though, is a different sort of door.
Behind it you hear music. You decide to enter.