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You enter the next room and instantly see a change from the other rooms. There are red and green decorations and a Christmas tree in one corner, even though it isn't Christmas.

Christmas music drifts through the air along with the scent of fresh cookies bakeing. The room is so cheery and plesant you completely forget it isn't even Christmas and start singing along with the music. Suddenly you notice some tiny horse-like creatures inhabiting the room. They are decked out in their Christmas best. Some are decorating a small tree.

Some of the others are busy building a ginger-bread house.

The rest are singing carols and playing Christmas games. Some hang decorations, othes light candles. They are such cute little creatures. They keep Christmas spirit alive all the year round.

SilverWing suddenly appears once more. "They are craenals. The ones decorating the tree are called S'tara, G'lee, B'linka, and D'cora. The house-builders are B'elle and J'oi. The decorators are P'eace, L'uva, B'lissa, B'oe, and A'ngela and H'ope stringing the lights! Visit with them, I'm sure they'd love to have your company!"