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Bach's Room

You enter another room and you find this one to be very different from the others. The room is brightly decorated. Lovely music fills the room from somewhere and musical instruments fill every spare corner. The music that currently fills your ears is coming from a saxaphone, but you can't tell where from. You sit on a plush sofa nearby. It is covered in a white material covered in rainbow colored musical notes. A grand piano sits in one corner of the room. You sit back and enjoy the melodys. Each note fills you with a warm feeling of pure joy. Finally the soothing notes subside. You glance towards the ceiling and much to your surprise you see a minidragon perched overhead, with a small saxaphone between his wings. He lands gracefully before you.

~Hi!~ he calls to you in a sing song voice. ~I'm Bach! I have the ability to play any musical instrument! I'm also a composer and I write poetry. I'm trying to get SilverWing to post some of my work in the library. Perhaps she will someday. Would you like me to play you some more music? Pick an instument!~ You look around at the vast array of his musical managere. You eyes land on the grand piano. "Could you play that?" you ask. In no time he is seated at the piano pounding out the "Entertainer" like there is no tomorrow. Music fills the room and you find yourself wanting to get up and dance! When he finally stops once more you say "You're wonderful! I wish I could play like that, on ANY instrument!" ~Mabey I can give you lessons sometime!~ he says. You laugh and agree that that would be a good idea.

You reach for the next door nob