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Lucky and Sam's Room

You enter the next room and see another small dragon in the brightly colored room. The dragon stands out with her brightly colored markings. *Greetings traveller, I am Lucky, a magic minidragon* You greet the creature warmly and inquire about her name. *I am so named because of an miraculous even which happened at the time of my birth. It was not suspected that a hatchling minidragon, even one with magic powers, would be able to survive alone in the wilderness for 3 days when she had not even yet learn to fly, but miracles to happen my friend. Yet they don't come without their price I fear, for I carry a reminder of that incident with me now and always* She shows you a large scar across her wing. *I can fly, but only for shortened lengths of time. I get stronger each time I fly, and I am still very young, so perhaps, with time, it will heal completly. I recieved this mark from an incident with a hungary roc, an evil creature.* She sighs at the memory. Then she gesters twords a shining golden egg next too her. *This is my friend and student, Sam.* you stair in awe at the brilliant golden dragon. She speaks once more. *I am tired traveller, as I have been visiting friends all day, and I would like to rest, so I bid you farewell, and good luck on your journeys*

You see a door at the back of the room and reach for the
door nob.