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Lori, Zorri, and Zack's Room

You enter the next room and find two more minis talking in the room. They seem to be playing a game. ~Hi!~ The first one greets you. ~I am Zack! I'm a fisher mini, and this is Lori. The bronze is Zorri.~ He gestures towards the black female beside him and a bronze. *Yes, I'm Lori! We're playing a game! We each make up a story and the other has to add on to the story. Later we'll put them into a book and become rich and famous! Then SilverWing and all the other mini's will be real proud!* "You don't have to be rich and famous for your friends to be proud of you," you tell them, "I have a good feeling that they are already very proud of you becouse you're nice and good careing minis." They look at eachother for a moment then smile. ~You're right. That's why we love them. But still, it would be really cool if we could become rich and famous!~

You see yet another door and turn the doornob