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Scout and Misty's Room

You enter the next room and at first see no dragon. Suddenly a small black object wizzes past your ear. You whirl around and see a black minidragon in front of you. *Howdy!* The creature greets you excitedly, *I'm Scout! That's Misty! We don't usually see many of your kind around here, travellers I mean. The only people around here are all natives of the Isle. Oh, well, while you're here, you might as well enjoy yourself! Do you like to play basketball? I do! I just fly around with the ball though, you have to dribble. So, do ya' wanna' play or what?* she exclaims, finally stopping to breath. You politly excuse yourself from the game saying you have much to see and must be on your way. She looks at you for a moment then wishes you farewell as she zooms of joyfully.

You see yet another door and reach for the door nob!