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Minidragon Caverns

You enter a large cavern behind the castle. Above the intricately carver stone door ( door? never new caves had doors before.) you see a sign which announces "Minidragon Caverns" In front of the door sits a small dog.

* Stay* a command barks through your mind. The small dog seems to be from the Isle. She is wearing a small collar which reads "Laura, guardian of the Caverns" Well that makes sense. She's just gaurding whatever lies behind that door. "It's all right, I'm friendly, and I'm just visiting" you tell her, reasuringly. You pat her head and she wags her tail happily. Obstical 1 overcome. Now, what's a minidragon you think to your self, entering the large cave. In side you are in a long corridore lined with door after door. It is well lit and the floor is covered in various rugs and carpets. It hardly seems like a cave at all. Each of the rooms has a name inscribed on the door:

Colin and Sandy's Room
Ian and Melanye's Room
Jem and Leona's Room
Melik's Room.
Mareth and Aeris's Room
Lori and Zack's Room
Dreama and Tolliver's Room
Cloud's Room
Lucky and Sam's Room
Scout and Misty's Room
Aurora and J.J.'s Room
MoonRider and Stormy's Room
Merry's Room
Bach's Room
Lovey's Room
Camo and Violet's Room

You go throught the door and enter an oddly furnished chamber. In side you see a small bed with intricate embrordered pillow and gold stitching. In the center of the cushions lays a small tan hatchling. A brown minidragon sits nearby watching her play. ~Hi, I'm Colin~ he tells you. ~This is Sandy. Oh, and if you're not familiar with my people, I'll tell you some things about us. We're minidragons. We reside on a small island calles Minidragon Isle. The people there take care of us. Each one of us has different powers. I'm a brown, so my ability is finding things. If you picture something in your mind, I can find it. Sandy here is a tan mini, so she will be able to shape any kind of glass object from sand, hence the name. Each color has a different talent. The Isle itself has many different people. You should visit it using the link below, or after you visit each of the caverns. There is a link in each room. There are a bunch of us, so you may want to come back later! Be sure to visit Merry, she probably has some fresh cookies just waiting to be eaten. Enjoy your stay!~ With that he wisks you into the next room.

You go and turn the door knob