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Welcome to Stacey's Place!

Hi! I know it's been forever since I've updated this page. I've been so busy with the castle that I haven't updated this page. Well. This is just my personal page, so I'll tell ya'll a little about me! Well, I'm Stacey. Some people may know me as SilverWing. I'm on ICQ, so if your looking for someone to chat with, give me a call. But please, don't ask me to authorize you just so you can have more people on your list. I've had some people who never talk to me. It's really annoying. I'm a sixteen year old gal from Tennessee. If my accent offends anyone, well, I'm sorry. I love to act. I'm always in a play somewhere. I also play alto saxaphone in marching and concert band and Franklin County High School. I'm in tenth grade there. I love fantasy stuff, which you'll see if you visit my castle.

I especially love dragons. Know of any good dragon sites? Let me know! I enjoy reading. Some of my favorite books are Peirs Anthony's Xanth novels, if you haven't read any, get Demon's Don't Dream! Also the Wrinkle in Time set by Madaline La' Engle is great. Also the Dark is Rising Sequence, bu Susan Cooper. I also play the PlayStation a lot. I am currently in the middle of Final Fantasy VII, the best game ever made. As far as computer games go, I love Myst and Riven. In the realm of the real world, I love animals of all kinds, watching movies, skating, singing, hanging out with my friends, you know. Normal stuff. I'm not THAT weird! Heehee. Right now I have information on Tamagotchis, Babylon 5, and my castle. Check them out!

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