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The Grove

Feeling a bit tired, you wander outside, through the gardens and into the shady grove. You can barely hear singing from somewhere around the castle grounds. You spot a intricatly carved stone bench under an old oak tree. You sit down to rest. Not far away is a lovely fountain pours a glimmering blue liquid into a pond. Statues of magical beings dot the grassy area. A beautiful unicorn aproaches you. A silvery voice speaks. "Greetings friend. I am Violet. I have lost something that is very important to me. It is an emerald ring. It has magical abilities that only I can enpower. It is very special. Please, help me find it." You are about to reply, but the unicorn has vanished! Looking around, you notice a peculear looking tree in the distance. You also notice a hole at the base of the fountain, with stairs leading downward.
The graphics on this page were sent to me by Wee One Orca!

I already found the ring!
To the tree
Enter the hole.