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You walk into the next room. There is a beatiful starscape across the cieling. You can see a beautiful adult dragoness with her caretaker in the center of the room. The caretaker, WildFlower, seems to be crying. They grow up so fast! There is a picture of the young dragon as an egg, and as a hatchling, and a teen on a nearby table, beside a candle that burns playfuly. As you look around, you notice a plate on the door: Star's Room. That explains the ceiling! You also notice a sign by the door "If you would like to adopt a dragon or other pet of your own, vist Orca's Adoption Center!  
This is Star's egg, rattle, her as a hatchling, her as a teen, and the everburning candle!
Look! Star's Room has won an award from Orca! All of the great graphics on this page are from Orca! Thanks Kimberly!

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