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Balthezar's Room

You enter yet another room, not quiet sure what creature to expect. Much to your surprise, you see that the creature is a human. A magnificent wizard stands neer the middle of the room spouting incantations over a huge black cauldron. He had not yet realized your presence. You casually walk up and tap him on the shoulder. "Um, hi!" You say brightly. The poor startled wizard snaps around and yells something, but you can't make out the blurred words. Suddenly the room seems to grow larger. Strange. The wizard seems to be growing too! Everything is larger. You look around in amazment. You begin to ask the wizard how he could accomplish such a feat. "Meow!" You say. Meow? You look down at the ground and see two furry paws in front of you. You're a cat! The wizard has turned you into a cat! Great. Just what you need. The wizard seems very upset. He murmers some words but your feline ears are no longer able to understand the human language. Strangly you crave a mouse. The wizard sprinkles some dust over you and the room shrinks back to its normal size. "Quite, quite sorry. Quite sorry!" You're human again. The wizard seems terribly rattled by his mistake. "It's really ok." you say, to quiet the poor man. "I shouldn't have startled you so." The wizard introduces himself. I am Balthezar. The wizard emmbarrasment!" He sits down and burrys his face in his hands. "I really ment to turn you into a frog, but I can't even manage that simple a trick! A cat indeed! I'm a disgrace to the ILW! The International Legion of Wizards! They'll probably revoke my membership when they hear of this!" He begins to sob. "I thought the trick was wonderful." you offer, not to reasurringly. "Thank you, wonderer. But I'm afraind I should give up my magic. I'm simply not cut out to be a wizard. If only I hadn't lost my magic scarf. Then I would be the greatest magician of all! But I don't know where I lost it, and I will probably never find it!" You feel very sorry for the poor old wizard.