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Special Thanx Page!

This page is to say Thank You to the people who helped in building the castle!
WEE ONE ORCA -- This page really wouldn't be possible without her! She has done so many of the wonderful graphics you will find around my page! The great welcome button on the main page was done by her, and so were many of my dragons, and the "name plates" in their rooms! She's been a GREAT help!
ALEX -- I'd like to thank Alex for the graphics he has uploaded for me. Also, Alex is the real life character for Prince Xander, the frog prince. His handel on ICQ and just everyday nickname is Xander. He wouldn't let me use his real name!
MICHELE -- I'd also like to thank my best friend and the fariey princess who marries Prince Xander, Michele. She's a little nutty at times, but that's ok.
DANIEL -- My brother. Sure, he's a pest at times, but hey. He is the gyphon. And the description fits perfectly.
Well, that's kinda' all the people for now. I'm still working on making the castle larger and more exciting. If there are any of my friends out there who would like to be a character in the story, e-mail me! (For Danny and Wesley and Shawn: Yes guys, this means you, If you ever get to see this page and acctuallt like it. For Danny and Wesley, I didn't know if you guys would acctually go for this, since you're pretty much into the sci-fi thing. But if you guys would like a character contact me on ICQ and I'll write you in!)