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Daniel's Room

You wander into another room. The walls are painted a bright, vivid orange. Sports posters cover them. A soccer ball lays in the corner next to the bed. All of the furnature is cozy and pleasant looking. You look around. Suddenly a gryphon swoops down and lands before you. You look up and notice that the ceiling is very high. "Hi!" The creature greets you brightly. "I'm Daniel! I'm a gryphon, and I LOVE sports! I play on the special select all gryphon team! We won the national championship! Hey, you got time to play a game? No, I guess you're pretty busy exploring the castle. But that's ok! I'll go play with FireLight! He's a lot of fun to play with, the only thing is, if he loses, he gets mad and fires my ball. Oh, well, I have plenty! See ya' later!

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