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Michele's Room

You walk into another room. The walls are painted a royal pinkish color. The furniture looks very expensive. It's also very small. This is probably the room of a queen or princess from the looks of the decor. And they're probably a large fariey or and elf. There is a hint of perfume in the air. Lovely flowers and various plants compliment the room. Out of nowhere a lovely fariey appears. She is quite large for a fariey, but then, faries can grow or shrink to whatever size they prefer. She has lovely golden hair tht falls delicatly around her neck and shoulders. Her face shows an expresion of fake happiness. It's as though she is very depressed, but isn't showing it for your benifit. "Hello." She greets you with a beautiful fariey voice. "I am Princess Michele. I fear I may not be very good company for you though. I am very sad. I am at the age when every young princess should be getting happily wed. But there are so few eligable young princes around here! Oh, what am I to do? I am very lonely." A tear trickls down her delicate face.

Have you found a frog?
Poor girl. Oh, well, back to the hallway.