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The Potion

You decide to take the magic potion you recieved from Princess Willow. You drink it down. It tastes rather like grapejuice, although the smell is horrid. Wondering exactly what the potion has done, you turn around to look into a mirror hanging in the passage. You start to look at your reflection, when you realize, you have no reflection! The potion has made you invisable! You tiptoe quietly into the wizard's workshop. As you catch sight of "Patches" you are very glad you had the potion! The cat, even lying down, is taller than you are! And his teeth look very sharp. You spy the frog in a cage on a nearby table. You walk over and unlock the simple little door. You silently pick up the frog and tiptoe out the door and quickly back up the stairs to the surface. Luckily the evil wizard is nowhere to be found. You spot a bench and sit down to rest. You can already feel the potion wearing off. As you sit down the frog speaks! "Thank you for saving my life, brave traveler! I am, er, was Prince Xander of the Forest Kingdom, until that evil old wizard captured me and turned me into a frog. I believe you have met my sister, Princess Willow, from the looks of the vial from which you drank that potion. It is engraved with out kingdom's seal. I hate to ask for you help again, traveller, but if you could only help me to find a princess. You see, the only way to break this spell and return me to my original, handsom, princely self is if an eligable young princess kisses me. Can you help?" You stifle a laugh at the frog prince's large ego as you get up to leave.

Let's find a princess!