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The Hole in the Ground

You decide to skip the tree for now and check out the hole. You decend, down the spiraling staircase. The passage is dimmly lit with small torches. As you come near the bottom of the stairs you hear a voice. "All right, Patches my pet, keep an eye on our little frog prince here! We wouldn't want him hoping off to find any princesses now would we?" You hear a "Meow!" in response. Foot steps approach the staircase. You duck into the shadows just in time to see a wizard make his way up to the surface. So, an evil wizard has transformed a prince into a frog and has his pet cat guarding it.

Walk on in! It's only a cat!
Do you have the magic potion? It IS a WIZARD'S cat!
This is boring! I don't have a potion and I don't trust the cat. Back To Main Hall.