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The Ring

Quickly you pull out the ring the elf girl gave you and slip it on your finger. You wait. Nothing happens! You look closer at the emerald. Etched into the precious stone is the word "UNICORN". "Unicorn?" You say aloud, puzzeled. No sooner have the words left your lips than a beatiful unicorn appears. She takes the ring from your hand and slips it over her horn. The ring flashes bright green as a ray of emerald light shoots from it and into the chest of the dreadful beast, which is about to clamp its sharp jaws over your head. As the ray of light comes into contact with the beast, the serpant vaporized before you. You turn, but the unicorn has vanished, and with her, the ring. You see a lovely girl rushing towards you. "Thank you warrior!" she says. She look very familiar; she's the girl transformed to a willow tree! "I am Princess Willow, of the Forest Kingdom! By killing the evil sorceress, you have broken her evil spell! Take this magic potion in return for your bravery! I must go and search for my poor brother, Prince Xander. He has been imprissoned by an evil wizard." She hands you a vial of purple liquid and is gone.