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The Dagger

You grab the beautiful dagger the unicorn gave you and pull it from its scabbard. You're not sure what a small dagger will do against such a large monster, but there's no turning back now! You hold the dagger high above you head, preparing to charge. Suddenly the dagger begins to grow larger! Amazingly it becoms a huge, beautiful sword. You attack the fearful beast. The enchanted sword homes in on the monster's scaley chest. It easily finds its mark as it slices deep into the monster's flesh. She lets out a blood-curdling scream of pain as she falls, defeated, into the crystal water. As you turn around to search for a place to rest, you see a lovely maiden running to you. She was the willow tree! "Oh, thank you, brave warrior!" she cries. "I am princess Willow of the Forest Kingdom! By defeating the evil sorceress, you've broken her evil spell! Here, take this magic potion in return for you bravery! I must now go to find my poor brother, Xander, who has undoubtedly befallen much the same fate as I, but with a different enemy. I must try to find him and rescue him! Farwell!" She hands you a vial of purple liquid and is gone.