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Rainy's Room

You enter the next room. The walls are painted with every color of the rainbow. In fact, they look like a rainbow. The furniture in the room is tiny. Every piece is a different color, matching the rainbow theme. You wonder what bright, tiny creature inhabits this room. You look closer, looking for a fairey or gnome. Suddenly you see a flash of movement on the wall. You turn but you see nothing. The movement came from a blue path in the rainbow pattern. You look, but see nothing. "HI!" The sound of the voice startles you so you jump about three feet! The voice came directly from the blue patch on the wall! Suddenly the patch begins to move! A tiny dragon flys off the wall and lands on your shoulder. His bightly colored scales hid him perfectly on the rainbow wall! "Sorry if I scared you!" He says. "I'm Rainy! I'm a Little Pal dragon. I love playing jokes on people, but I don't mean to scare them. I'm a rainbow dragon, in case you hadn't guessed. I don't know how come I'm so small. The other dragons used to make fun of me. Then SilverWing found me and brought me here! Now I don't get made fun of, and I have lots of friends! I hope you enjoy your visit to the castle. I a little hungry, so I'm going to go eat now. Bye!"

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