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Flora's Room

You walk into the first open door you come to. Inside the walls are painted a lovely shade of green. Flowers are in pots all over the room. Their fragrance adds an enchanting air to the room. You see a small blue fariey dragon crawling among the leaves of one of larger plants. "Hi! I'm Flora!" She says. I used to be very lonely. I'm an orphan. I didn't think anyone wanted me. Then SilverWing adopted me!" She says. You feel very sorry for the poor little dragon. Her bright eyes twinkle at SilverWing's name. They must be good friends. She looks up at you and begins to speak again, "You should like it here! I've made many friends! I'm never lonely now! You can even adopt a little dragon like me, if you want to! Just click on the door!" You see the sign with a door painted on it. The door look extremely lifelike. You touch the painting to find that the door IS real! You can turn the doornob! You can guess that on the other side is the adoption center.

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