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SilverWing Castle

Welcome to SilverWing Castle! I am SilverWing,
an elven shapeshifter, able to change from elf form
to human form, to dragon form, and fairy form and
most others whenever I find it nessecary. This is the
Main Hall. Feel free to wonder about my castle and
explore, But, please, do not NOT take anything you
find here unless it is specifically offered. Most, if not all,
of the graphics here are copywrited. They were either
used with permission, or I made them myself. I hope
you enjoy your stay! Oh, and please sign our guestbook
while you're here. We like to keep track of all of the
people who visit the castle!
Thank you!

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Latest Announcments!

Wow! Things have changes a lot in
the last three years. I was hoping
to have a huge renovation, but time
has become an issue, as well as to
wether or not it's worth it to keep
the site up. I don't know how many
people still visit here. I have just
started college, which takes a lot of
time, plus I don't know if you guys
still want to have the castle around.
Sign my G-book and let me know! Is
SilverWing Castle worth keeping up?
Should I write new stories and revamp?
Or should I simply leave it as it is,
and remember it for the site it was?

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Read my Dreambook!
Sign my Dreambook!
Choose your destination and begin you quest. Bear
in mind you will need to return here, to the Main Hall,
several times in order to reach the different areas of
the castle. As you begin you journey, remember you
will come across several places where you will be called
upon to make a decision. Make your choices wisely,
they could determine your fate.

This is Scruff, probably the only quote "normal"
pet you'll find in the castle. He will appear in
variouse areas of the castle, but remember, he
will always lead you back to the Main Hall.

Castle Grounds/Gardens
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Dragon Campaigns
The Trophy Case
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plus 9999 people have woken the dragon since July 17th, 1998!

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