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Alisa's Room

You enter the next room and see a beautiful green dragoness in the room. She is sitting in front of a large mirror, staring at herself, and crying. "What is wrong?" You ask her, kindly. She looks around, startled. "I'm ugly!" she wails, "The serpant said so!" "Ugly?" You say, "Why, you're not ugly! You're one of the most lovely dragonesses I've ever met! You know, you really shoudn't believe what a serpant says. They never can be trusted, and only desire to make creatures such as you unhappy!" "Really?" She askes, drying her tears, "Do you mean that? Oh! Thank you! You don't know how happy you've made me! My name is Alisa, I'm from the Adopt a Dragon Foundation. Please go and adopt one of my friends!"

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