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The Dragon's Lair
Welcome to the Dragon's Lair! This is a safe haven for the dragons and magical creatures of cyberspace. Feel free to lounge around and visit. Visit the links at the back of the cave for even more mystical experiances!
Dragons are mythical creatures that dwell in the heart of imagination. Most people have gotten the idea that all dragons are bad and wish only to make a main course of mankind. How unfair! Dragons are terribly mistreated and wish only to be left alone. They don't eat anyone unless they have to! How would you like it if you were quietly snoozing in your cave and all of a sudden some pint size person in an ironclad suit just walks in like he owns the place and demands a war. Why, you'd probably gobble him up too! The truth is, dragons are beautifull, gentle creatures. They make great friends and excellent body guards! They are wonderful friends for the faries and elves and nomes who live in the trees and forest areas near their caves.
This is FireLight. He recieved his name for obviouse reasons. He's really ot as vicious as he look, he's just trying to frighten away evil monsters who would try to harm the creatures here!
people have woken the sleeping dragon!

Fun Links

Here Be Dragons -- A great dragon site with tons of fun stuff!
BoingDragon's Lair -- A pretty neat site; where I got my dragon counter.
A GREAT place -- Castle Shyla, explore the castle and adopt your own Elf!