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Greetings and welcome to my blog. It took forever for me to finally get blogger and my template all playing nice together, but I finally got everything the way it should be. This is just a personal blog looking at my life, my ponderings, and the darkness that dwells within me...

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Monday, August 19, 2002

Wow. I returned home from Florida a couple of days ago. I'm soooo tired! We had a great time, but after 11 days with a three year old, I was ready to come home! My roommate's family is great, but her little sister is only three and can be a pain at times....I think I now know all the songs from Dora the Explorer and Barney's Beach Party...what are the odds? We had a great time though. I'm not much of one for laying out on the beaches though. I loved Blizzard Beach, SeaWorld, and Busch Gardens though! I took a ton of pics too. I think I may put some up here soon. Now I have to get ready to go back to school! Yay! I can't wait. How sad is that? Oh, yeah! My friend Alex got back from China finally! He had a great time. Maybe when he goes back I'll be able to go, too. He brought me a Chinese art set. I can't wait to use it. It's got ink and brushes, stamps, and oil paints. He even brought me a Chinese matt to paint on! I love that guy. Now I have an excuse to start painting again! ^-^ Hmmm....I think I'm going to go get started...
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