The Meaning Of The Animals! The Meaning Of The Animal's To The Cherokee Indian's! </head>
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Here is a quick list of the animals and their energys what they will be able to bring into your life. EAGLE--spirit~~~~~~ ELK--stamina~~~~~ DEER--gentleness~~~~~ BEAR--introspection~~~~~ SNAKE--transmuation~~~~~ SKUNK--reputation~~~~~ OTTER--medicine (woman)~~~~~ BUTTERLY--transformation~~~~~ TURTLE--mother earth~~~~~ MOOSE--self-esteem~~~~~ PORCUPINE--innocence~~~~~ COYOTE--trickster~~~~~ DOG--loyalty~~~~~ WOLF--teacher~~~~~ RAVEN--magic~~~~~ MOUNAIN LION--leadership~~~~~ LYNX--secrets~~~~~ BUFFALO--prayer & abundance~~~~~ MOUSE--scrutiny~~~~~ OWL--deception~~~~~ BEAVER--builder~~~~~ OPOSSUM--diversion~~~~~ CROW--law~~~~~ FOX--camouflage~~~~~ SQUIRREL--gathering~~~~~ DRAGONFLY--illusion~~~~~ ARMADILLO--boundaries~~~~~ BADGER--aggressiveness~~~~~ RABBIT--fear~~~~~ TURKEY--give-away~~~~~ ANT--patience~~~~~ WEASEL--stealth~~~~~ GROUSE--sacred spiral~~~~~ HORSE--power~~~~~ LIZARD--dreaming~~~~~ ANTELOPE--action~~~~~ FROG--cleansing~~~~~ SWAN--grace~~~~~ DOLPHIN--manna~~~~~ WHALE--record keeper~~~~~ BAT--re-birth~~~~~ SPIDER--weaving~~~~~ HUMMINGBIRD--joy~~~

Animals Meaning's Guide! ALLIGATOR; to see one or more approaching is a warning that enemies may soon appear. ANT; you are being reminded to get moving and be more industrious. ANTELOPE; seeing this animal would warn you to take another approach to the problem. APE; This can mean that you will be facing an opponent in the work place, or a rival for the affections of one that you love. BADGER; something you have started may turn out to be harder than you expected, and a lot of hard work is ahead for you. BAT; you may be faced with a crisis within the immediate family. BEAR; gives you the courage and and spirit to face your fears, and carry all the burdens of life. BEAVER; attention must be paid to details at home or work to avoid a worsening situation. BEE; you will recieve news of an unexpected bit of good fortune. BOAR; the energy will help to avoid arguements, and possible separation, this will keep some one very close to you. BUFFALO; this is a great sign of support to complete a new edeavor. BULL; this will bring success in a new love relationship that you have desired. BUTTERFLY; sign of things changing, also watch for actions of a lover being unfaithful. CAT; brings an awareness of being aware---be stealth full. COCK; good news, but be careful of the emotions and keep them under control. CONDOR; great wisdom coming from the ancient ones, be still and listen. COUGAR; watch for attacks from unexpected sources. COW; be ready to recieve great fiancial gain. COYOTE; watch for a serious illnes in the family, or a unpredictable change of some sort. CRAB; hold on to the lover, for a rival may be trying to come in. CROW; make a change, your present course of actions are taking you the wrong way. DEER; good news and financial gain. DOG; a friend will be reliable. DONKEY; you have been quarrelling with folks way too much lately. DOLPHIN; great energy coming for you. DOVE; spiritual revelation may soon bring you enlightnment, maintain your peaceful attitude. DRAGON; speaks of repressed emotions and a greater desire for materialistic pleasures. DUCK; shows a friend who is fathful, whom you formerly questioned. EAGLE; you are facing hard days ahead, but success. FALCON; great good luck in spite of energies around you that would prefer that you fail at your endeavors. FISH; shows application of yourself with greater seriousness , so that you will succeed. FOX; don't misplace your affections in order to avoid great dissapointments in love FROG; shows a time of cleansing, so as to recieve almost a re-birth. GAZELLE; happiness in the form of a new lover or new challenge is about to come into your life. GOAT; Do not turn your back on a particularly volitale situation in your personal relationship. GOOSE; an inheritance is about to come your way, but you may have to travel for some distance to recieve it. GRASSHOPPER; Beware of danger from an unexpected source. HAWK; a new friend that is completely trustworthy, or message coming from one like that. HORSE; exercise good judgement, and show strength in a situation. HUMMINGBIRD; rapid success, joy, great happiness. HYENA; do not undertake any new projects, or make important decisions after sundown, for a few days. JACKAL; look again, you may have misjudged, for the one really has good intentions. JAGUAR; shows an unexpected journey to a place that you have always wanted to visit. KANGARO; a long standing grudge may be acted out in the next few days. LEOPARD; you may seek to be more clever. LIZARD; you are soon to recieve a profound dream teaching. LION; go into the silence and maintain balance, the strength is there for you. LYNX; you will discover a secret that has long been kept from you. MOOSE; expect a vision in which you will be given an extremely potent power symbol. MONKEY; don't allow someoe to make a fool of you, regain control of the siuation....... MOUSE; time to review matters that are close at hand. OWL; a deceitful person may set a snare for you that you thought you could trust, watch out. PEACOCK; false pride may be holding you back from appologizing to a friend who's feelings you have hurt. PANTHER; a bout of illness may be coming your way. PARROT; strangers will try to decieve you by flattery. PIGEON; love affair successful and will lead to a long relationship. RABBIT; you are moving too fast, try slowing down a bit. RAT; time to tidy things up a bit. ROBIN; someone may be about to provide you with some wrong informaion. SCORPION; you will defeat those who oppose you. SEAGULL; very much satisfaction from handling a difficult situation, best way you could, look for the lesson. SEAL; an uexpected pregnancy will cause a great deal of turmoil. SHARK; difficulties, causing you much concern. SHEEP; watch that you don't suffer the consequences of indecisiveness. SNAKE; watch for people talking behind your back, and bringing about great changes for you. SPIDER; try to solve domestic problems, and soon you will see great personal happiness. STORK; there are those who are jealous of your success, be on guard against theft. SWAN; grace will bring a spiritual reward. TIGER;sign of some embarassment coming, also illness of someone close. TURKEY; watch for stress from overextension of self. TURTLE; you will succeed with the endeavor. UNICORN; sudden riches, but trusted friends will turn on you. VULTURE; troubles are about to cease. WHALE; problems are too big, you will need to get help. WOLF; watch that your trusting nature isn't being taken advantage of. ZEBRA; careful of your honor and reputation

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