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HE'S ALIVE!!!!! BUT...

Lieutenant Commander Data

January 21/2002: DATA IS ALIVE!!! BUT...
Nemesis was the biggest GOTCHA in the history of Star Trek! It was 'The Most Toys' to the Nth degree! In light of new information received from a very perceptive acquaintance, I saw for myself the one clue everyone apparently missed. When they put B-4 together, they made a big deal of showing us an auxiliary input port, a flashing blue light just below his hairline on the back of his neck. In the scene in Captain Picard's office at the very end of the movie, they again use the exact same camera angle on the android sitting at his desk.


Or at least, that's his physical body. The question that needs to be answered is, 'is he in it?' His behavior in that scene suggests two possible answers. The first is that he is suffering some serious trauma due to being in B-4's head as he basically operated him by some sort of link while he blew up the Reman ship. There's the possibility that he somehow now thinks he is B-4, due to some guilt about having sent his 'brother' to his death. The second answer is too horrible to even imagine, that somehow he managed to switch bodies with B-4, giving him a chance at a life while he went to the Reman ship in B-4's body and died there. That would be the cruelest twist of all, being left with the body of the android we love and knowing someone, some thing, else now inhabits it.

Phase Two of the Save Data Campaign now needs to be to energize the fans to swamp Paramount with letters asking them to finish the story and restore Data, either with a film showing his gradual recovery, or just with a fast reboot in the context of another transitional movie, like 'Generations.' Let them know that B-4 ending up with Data's body is totally unacceptable! Paramount planned all along for this to be a two-part story, but they screwed themselves out of a hit by letting everyone believe Data had died. It was a serious miscalculation on their part to depend on shocked, grief-stricken fans noticing that one miniscule detail, no port on the back of Data's neck. They can't leave us like this, not knowing if our beloved is dead or alive, not knowing whether he'll ever recover his mind and his rightful place as First Officer of the Enterprise.

Tell everyone you know to write Rick Berman and ask him finish the story. Rick Berman c/o Paramount Studios, 5555 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038. Let him know that we will support Nemesis with sales if he finishes the story so we can watch it without all the pain it's already caused so many fans.


November 5, 2004: We're in the middle of a 3-episode story that has the potential for undoing the damage of almost two years ago. We will be watching to see if TPTB take this good, and cheap, opportunity to restore our beloved android to us. Time travel is one of their favorite gimmicks, so it's totally reasonable to send this ancestor of Noonien Soong into the future to save his creation. This may be our last chance.

January 21, 2003: If you haven't called or written to Paramount to tell them how much this movie has hurt you, even if you haven't seen it, please do so! We need to let them know this is a product we just won't buy. Earl Lestz is apparently the new president of Paramount. You can write to him at Paramount Studios, 5555 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038. Let him know exactly why Nemesis is the biggest disaster in the history of Star Trek. Tell him the only way you're ever going to see this movie, or see it again if you've already had the misfortune to see it, is if they show us that DATA WAS NOT ON THAT SHIP! Or call the offices and voice your disgust with this travesty at 323-956-5000. Let's inundate them with outrage over this assault on our hearts and tell them how they need to fix it. It gives me no pleasure to see a Star Trek movie fail, but I'm so proud of you all for not buying this one just because it came with the Star Trek label. I still can't imagine how they thought we would.

January 6, 2003: It's official. Nemesis has tanked! A story on today in the entertainment news section entitled 'Hollywood 2002: $equels, events, formula' listed it among the flops and said it could finish as the lowest-grossing of all the Star Trek movies! The sad irony is that immediately following the paragraph that contains this news is a paragraph that contains the very reason Nemesis is a disaster. The article talked about people flocking to movies in 2002 to forget their cares for awhile. All this movie did was give us something else to hurt about. Paramount has been told why this film is such a dismal failure and they've also been told what they need to do to fix it. But they don't just need to hear it from me. They need to hear it from everyone who's been hurt by this movie, whether you've seen it or not. And they also need to hear that you might think twice before paying for any future Paramount products. If some store owner murdered a member of my family, I wouldn't be too eager to give him my business. One consolation in all this is that if we have lost Data, at least the people responsible won't have profited from his death. But I'm not giving up on him yet. There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes that might turn this situation around. I'll be posting regular updates about the fight. But a minute here to keep this in perspective. We all need to remember we're talking about a fictional character and not a flesh and blood person. What is real is our love for him, whether he's real or not. And Paramount is finding out the hard way how much love there is for him. Maybe they'll think twice about putting out another movie with such a painful ending.

December 27, 2002: There are rumors coming out from inside sources that Nemesis is a TWO-PART story. If this is the case, then what we think has happened to our beloved Data may not have happened at all. My money is on him having been transported out of harm's way in the nick of time. If you've seen the film and are upset with the way it ended, I urge you to call Rick Berman's office at Paramount and make your feelings known to them. Tell them they need to continue the story as soon as possible and not leave Data missing or dead. If you haven't seen it because of this horrible ending, please call or write them and tell them why you're boycotting it. Let them know it's not tanking because of competition from LOTR or a certain wizard boy. Trekkers will see a Star Trek movie first, under normal circumstances. Let them know it's tanking because you won't pay to be hurt. But also let them know you will support it if and when you are sure they haven't killed someone you love.

If this story is indeed the end of the Next Generation crew's story, it desperately needs a happy ending. You can find Paramount's phone number and mailing address in the 'Drop a Dime for Data' section of this site. From the box office stats so far, it looks like the Data fans are true to their word and are not paying to see our beloved android die. And I'm proud of you for showing your love with your absence. But if this movie is unsuccessful, there won't be another movie and Data will end up dead by default. So in a way, they're almost forcing us to see him 'die' in order to keep him alive. I personally feel this is a kind of emotional blackmail by Paramount. Does anyone else find that disturbing???? The only real way out of this horrible dilemma is for TPTB to let the fans know now that this is a two-part story and that Data was NOT aboard that exploding ship. Then we could all flock to support it and give them the incentive and the funds to finish the story and give it the happy ending we deserve.

Star Trek is more than just a fun TV show or a few good movies, it is a part of our collective consciousness, a treasured cultural icon. It is bigger than one actor or one movie. In the words of another beloved Star Trek character, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one." And it's my humble opinion that Mr. Spiner's need, whatever it stems from, to kill off this beloved character is far outweighed by the need of the millions of fans to not suffer the kind of pain his death would cause us. The Next Generation has always been such a positive, uplifting series. It would be a crime against the fans to let it end in such a tragic way. Please let your voices be heard by Rick Berman and TPTB at Paramount and tell them you deserve better than this, that you deserve a good story with an ending that will let you continue to love all the characters and imagine them going on with their lives even though we won't share in them on the screen any more. After 15 years of getting our loyalty and our money, they owe us that much.

This site will remain up to continue the fight to save this noble, wonderful character. If we win, it will be a celebration of the love and power of the fans. If we lose, it will remain as a loving tribute to the memory of one gentle spirit who has touched so many lives and hearts.

NOTE: This web site is based on statements made by Brent Spiner himself in several print interviews he gave in conjunction with the release of "Insurrection." We have just today, Feb. 10, 2001, been able to verify that indeed Rick Berman gave an interview that included a statement that "there are no plans to kill off Data" in Star Trek X. If this statement means they know better than to kill of the most beloved character in the history of the franchise, this is indeed the wonderful news we've been waiting for for two long years! If it means the script hasn't undergone its final edit yet and that they still could decide to do something that unthinkable, well, we'll just have to wait and see. This site will remain open until the opening of the movie so you fans can express your feelings about the character and the fine actor who so brilliantly brings him to life. One batch of signatures has already been sent to his agent. We have no way of knowing if Mr. Spiner has read them, but it's very possible he has and that they have helped him to reach a deeper appreciation for how much his character means to the millions of fans around the world and an understanding of how big a mistake killing him off would be. So read on with the hope that this horrible scenario is just a rumor that has now finally been put to rest.


If your answer to that question is a resounding, heartfelt NO, then you've come to the right place! This page gives you the chance to voice your objections to having Data killed off in the next Star Trek movie, as Brent himself has suggested.
Here's what you'll find on this page. You can either click on these or scroll down.

Opening Arguments. Pins the needle on the sappy meter, but hey...

The Aging Factor. Data ages. Brent doesn't think so. Decide for yourself.

The Man Behind the Machine. Why we love Data so much. Let's face it, if anyone else had played him would he be so lovable?

Let Data Live! The petition! If you agree with it, please sign our guest book and leave a personal message to Brent telling him in your own words why Data shouldn't die.

Drop a Dime For Data. Paramount's phone number. Yes, you can talk to an actual person about this.

More ways to save Data. Spread the word!

Allies. A small but growing list of links to folks who have joined the fight to Save Data.

"Saddle up, Lock and Load!"

With those words, Lieutenant Commander Data committed himself to protect the Ba'ku in Star Trek: Insurrection. In that same spirit, we commit ourselves to protecting the life of our beloved Data. As you've probably heard by now, Brent Spiner has publicly expressed his wish to the powers that be at Paramount to be written out of the Next Generation movies by Killing Data!!! We need to join together and make our voices heard in a resounding NO! We need to send the message loud and clear to Brent and to Paramount that Data is not expendable or disposable. We need to let them know the death of this beautiful, noble character would break the hearts of the people who have made Star Trek the enduring cultural phenomenon it is. While it is true that the tragic death of a character can sometimes provide good drama and a satisfying conclusion to that character's story, this is not the case with Data. He is not some transient character in a novel or tv show. Data is a part of pop culture. He has been a part of our lives for eleven years. Young people all over the world have grown up with him. Fictional character though he is, he lives in our hearts. There would be no entertainment value in the permanent, irrevocable death of this beloved character.

The purpose of this site is to gather signatures on a petition respectfully requesting Brent to rethink his desire to quit Star Trek, and to convince him not to kill our beloved Data. We don't believe Brent is aware of how much Data means to the Star Trek fans and how much pain his death would cause. We don't believe he would knowingly inflict such pain on the people who have supported him all these years. We hope this petition drive will demonstrate to him and Paramount how much love is out there for him and Data.

The Aging Factor

Data and Juliana Tainer

Data doesn't deserve to die simply because of a few wrinkles. Brent's belief that he will soon be too old to play Data is based on the mistaken assumption that Data is an 'ageless android.' In the seventh season episode Data meets his mother, the android Juliana Tainer. A young woman when she lost her human body in the destruction of the colony at Omicron Theta, she now appears to be in her mid-fifties. During an examination of the injured Juliana, Geordi remarks that she ages in appearance, "like Data." In this episode, we learn that Soong-type androids do indeed have aging programs. Since this episode clearly established the fact that Data does indeed age in appearance, Brent needs to hear from as many people as possible that there is no need for him to give up this role. We love Data and will continue to love him wrinkles and all.

Data and Artim

Data's appearance is only a small part of his appeal. We love him for his childlike innocence, his heroic spirit, and his endearing quest for humanity. To end this quest in death would inflict a deep, long-lasting hurt on the millions of fans who love him. As Data should live for centuries, he is at this point in his life still a virtual child. No scenario, no matter how heroic, could possibly make the death of this child acceptable to the fans. He should be the one to live on to tell the stories of the brave crew of the Enterprise. Help convince Brent to continue to bring this beautiful character to life, or to at least let him live beyond Brent's participation in the movies.

The Man Behind the Machine

Brent Spiner

D ata is a fictional character, basically a bit of gold powder and an attitude. But the love we feel for him is real, and the grief we would feel at his death would also be all too real. How could a fictional character inspire such love? The answer lies in the genius of the exceptionally gifted performer who portrays him, Brent Spiner. He has breathed life into a machine and given him a heart and a soul. And in so doing, has touched our hearts and souls. Brent's brilliant portrayal of this endearing, multi-faceted character has ensured him a place in the annals of pop culture history right along with the great performers of the past he himself so idolizes. No one is asking him to continue in a role he no longer wishes to play, but we ask Brent to respect the character he has brought to life and the feelings of the fans who love him and Data.


If you agreewith the following petition and don't want to see Data die, you may sign it by signing our guestbook. You may also take this opportunity to express to Brent your feelings about why you personally don't want to see Data die. We'll do our best to see that he has the opportunity to read your comments.

PLEASE NOTE. This page was created to give people who do not want to see Data die a place to express that opinion. If you have an opposing opinion, please do us the courtesy of finding somewhere else to express it. This is not the place. This is not a debate page. All negative entries will be deleted.

And we're not kidding!

After you sign, come back to the main page and find more ways to help save Data. We'll give you Paramount's phone number so you can deliver the message straight to The Powers That Be that you won't pay to see Data die.

The doomed "Jayden"

Dear Brent,

We, the undersigned, wish to thank you for all the enjoyment you bring us through your great talent. We wish you happiness and success in your life and career, and we look forward to all your future work. But we must respectfully ask you to please reconsider your desire to end your participation in Star Trek. You have created one of the most beloved characters in the history of the Star Trek franchise, and it wouldn't be the same without you. Since the seventh season episode in which Data meets his mother clearly established that he does, indeed, age in appearance, there is no reason for you to give up this role. Other references to Data's not growing old referred to his physical and mental abilities, not his appearance. Your aging in no way diminishes the believability or appeal of this beautiful character.

If we cannot convince you of this, then we ask you to at least reconsider the way in which you wish to end your participation in the Star Trek movies. You have created a character we have grown to love on many different levels. We have watched him blossom and develop, and yes, age like a fine wine. We revel in his continuing journey toward humanity. It is your great talent which has made Data undeniably the most lovable character in the Trek universe. You made us love Data because everything he is comes from you. If you cannot bring yourself to continue in this role, we ask you to at least stop requesting his death, and let Data's absence be explained in a positive way. We could grudgingly handle missing him. We don't deserve to have to mourn him. Please don't break our hearts by turning Data into a painful memory. May you and he both live long and prosper!

f you agree with the sentiments expressed here, please add your name and comments to the petition by signing our guestbook. The guestbook is only for petition signers. Who signs a petition they don't agree with?

Sign the petition! Guestbook by GuestWorld View Signatures!

Because there are so many folks out there who care about Data and who took the time to sign this petition, we have filled one guestbook and are starting our second batch of signatures. Thanks to all who have signed and to all who will.
View Signature Archive

Drop A Dime for Data!
Ultimately, it's money more than love that will keep Data alive. The most important thing we fans can do is let Rick Berman know that this movie is tanking because they have apparently killed off Data. Don't acknowledge to them that they've convinced you they've actually done it. They need to be reminded their job is to entertain us, not break our hearts. Please call 323-956-5000 and ask to speak to someone in Rick Berman's office. Let them know how you feel. Tell them how many times you've seen the other Next Generation movies, then let them know your dollars will not go to see someone you love die. Or write to Rick Berman c/o Paramount Studios, 5555 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038. A mail campaign saved Star Trek back in the '60s. Maybe another one will save this beloved character.

And while you have their attention, let them know how much you appreciate Brent in all his roles and how much you think he deserves more roles that are as much of a showcase for his awesome talent as Data is. They have a goldmine in this brilliant performer and they're not using him to his fullest potential. Let them, and other studios, know you crave and will financially support Brent in starring roles outside of Trek. If Brent knows his appeal isn't limited to this one character in the eyes of his fans and the Hollywood establishment, he may be less inclined to bring this character to a tragic end.

More Ways To Help Save Data

lease help the campaign by telling all your fellow Star Trek fans about this site. And please post its URL on any Star Trek-friendly chat rooms and bulletin boards you visit. If you have a Star Trek related web page, please consider putting a link to us on your page. Back in the '60's, the fans saved the Star Trek franchise from oblivion. If we all pull together, we can save the "life" of this one beloved character.

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