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LABYRINTH: Poems & Prose,
edited by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

Now available for purchase! In this unusual collection, thirty-three poets and writers give voice to their thoughts and experiences about the ancient symbol of life's passage and spiritual pilgrimage, the labyrinth. Mostly poetry, the book also features articles on labyrinths of southern Oregon and northern California and the labyrinth as a tool in working with children. A few mazes crept in and, because they are close relatives of labyrinths, were allowed to stay. Photos and drawings are included in the 82-page perfect-bound book. ISBN 0-939221-18-7.

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Seven Circuits: the Cretan Labyrinth

by Pat Parnell

Climbing the hill, I glimpse among the trees
broken staubs of stone, standnig
like stubs of shatrtered tombstones, carved slate
or marble, victim of storm of vandal, or
like native rocks on old New England gravesites,
placed to mark burials
where there was no money for carving.

On the hilltop the rocks reveal
their pattern, The foxfire path
spirals moonwise among trees, among stars.
I choose a white moonsnail shell for talisman,
follow the moon as it wanes to darkness.

In the surrounding mist,
pilgrims pace their millennial journey.
Generations of monks, encowled,
whisper their prayers.
Nuns in rough robes
counting their heavy wooden beads
walk their rosary circles
to join me in the labyrinth's hidden heart.

Returning with the waxing moon, I
place the shell in tribute on a stone
to mark my visit and emerge
from the buried past, waking
to the full moon's glory.

For more information on Pat Parnell and his new book,
Snake Woman and Other Explorations, Finding the Female in Divinity,
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