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A sacred site can be a particular site anywhere in the world, such as the Pyramids or Machu Picchu, or it can be a Labyrinth or a Medicine Wheel, or any other place considered sacred. It is important to remember that when you enter a sacred site on Mother Earth, you are entering a place where the energies of creation are at their highest. This means that when you enter this space, you become an integrated part of the energies of the land. The thoughts that you hold in your mind are transferred to the energy of the sacred site. Whatever kinds of thoughts you have will be amplified and returned to you. For this reason it is important to watch what mental space you are in when coming to a place of sacred Earth energies. If you find yourself in a space of negativity or darkness when approaching a sacred space, ask for light to come into your energy field and replace the negativity or darkness before you enter the space.

It is also important that if you come to a sacred site and there is a ceremony being conducted, please do wait in a quiet and respectful way until the ceremony is finished.

When you are done experiencing the energies of the site, thank Mother Earth. Honor the site by leaving a gift of tobacco, corn meal, a flower, or any object that you feel in your heart is appropriate. You may even feel an urge to remove some trash or to hug a particular stone or tree. Don't be bashful about hugging a tree or stone. You will be glad you did.