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Labyrinth Gifts

Wake up gently and naturally to the beautiful sounds of a gradually increasing Tibetan bell-like chime. When the clock's alarm is triggered, the alloy alarm strikes just once, reverberating for nearly a minute...3 1/2 minutes later it strikes again...strikes become more frequent over 10 minutes...eventually striking every four seconds until turned off. Customize your wood finish and dial face. $99.95

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Taken from the floor of the Chartres Cathedral, this labyrinth provides a form of a walking meditation. The labyrinth is an archetype found in many religious traditions. Walking the labyrinth involves three stages: purgation - a letting go of distractions as you walk in; illumination - receiving what you came for upon reaching the center; and union - a joining with the sacred as you complete the experience.

Rugged 18" x 27" all-purpose indoor/outdoor floormats are made in the USA with permanent dyes on polyester fabric bonded to a urethane backing with polypropylene trim. They're fade resistant, hide dirt well, and hose off with water. Our 8" x 7" x 1/4" mouse pads quiet the mind and stimulate creativity in your workspace. Mat $19.95 --- Mousepad $9.95



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