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Suggested Reading

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Walking a Sacred Path : Rediscovering... by Lauren Artress

The Sand Labyrinth : Meditation at Your...
by Lauren Artress

Exploring the Labyrinth : A Guide for Healing and Spiritual Growth
by Melissa Gayle West

Through the Labyrinth : Designs and...
, by Hermann Kern

Praying the Labyrinth : A Journal for Spiritual Exploration by Jim Geoffison, Lauren Artress

The Healing Labyrinth: Finding Your Path To Inner Peace
by Helen Sands and Robert Ferre

The Way of the Labyrinth : A Powerful...
by Helen Curry and Jean Houston

Rocklady: The Building of a Labyrinth
by Norah Griggs

Labyrinths: Walking Toward the Center by Gernot Candolini

You can order any of these books at a discount price by
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Happy reading!