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Sound for Peace ~ 9/11/2002

Dear Friends:

As we are all so poignantly aware, this September 11th will mark the first year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. The world is still reeling from the vibrational impact created at that time.

We'd like to suggest that those of you who can, please make a special effort to join us on September 11th at 8:45 A.M. Eastern Time to project healing sounds to the planet. This is the time when Flight 11 was about to crash into the World Trade Center, and is perhaps the single best time to focus and generate compassion, projecting it on an intentionally created healing sound. You can make whatever sound feels most resonant, but an "AH" sound might be most effective and easiest for this experience.

Starting at 8:45 A.M. Eastern Time, simply sound "AH", feeling the energy of peace and compassion as the sound resonates in your heart center. While making this "AH", visualize a beam of pink and gold energy going initially from you to the area of the World Trade Center and spreading throughout this planet. As you make this sound and do this visualization, feel the energy of peace and compassion within and without yourself.

Do this activity of projecting intentionalized sound for at least a minute-perhaps 5 minutes if it's possible. For those who are guided to do so, sounding in this manner for 20 minutes would include the time when both planes struck the Twin Towers. It is our belief that such an activity will help restore balance and harmony to the Earth.

Finally, remember how important it is to be in gratitude during and after the activity, for this opportunity to assist in planetary healing. Gratitude is a powerful activating energy form that has the power to bring our visualizations into manifestation. We give thanks that healing and peace have prevailed.

We send Blessings of Light & Love through Sound to you!

Jonathan & Andi Goldman

For further suggestions and instructions on projecting sound with intention, please check the first three articles of the Healing Sounds website