lunch time. lunch was the same every day. the dull, gloomy faces of the lunch ladies.

freaking me out...

they just stare at you as you pass slowly... waiting in line for the fat, retarded boy in front to take a quarter out of the pocket of his pants which are nearly falling down.

retards are funny.

the sight of this obese retard fumbling in his pockets makes me smile.


it makes me think of how care free he must be. does he even know where he is? does he know that hes retarded? this is a completely soothing thought.

he doesn't know where he is...

something happened. I am retarded. I am in a dream world. the stale pizza I just picked up from the lunch line is a bowl of ice cream.

I'm retarded now!

every lunch lady smiles wide with bright yellow smiley-faces.

every one smiles.

the people in front of me are cartoons. some with gangly, green teeth and red eyes.

my mom.

others with blue noses and purple ties.

this is wes taking acid.

I am retarded. I am care free. I am happy.

retards are funny.