aaron pinnix wrote that guy some derogatory stuff. CONTROVERSY!!!

Your email concerning www.angelfire.com/tn/Qx displayed an amazing amount of shortsightedness and hypocrisy. Your views and ideas concerning Tool and religion are yours to have. But to claim that Tool has opened your eyes? How can you possibly find any other's words to be any reason to "question authority" or "become closer to god?" These are things that you should do on your own, and not because some band says its cool. Furthermore, what right do you have to say that other's intrepretations of Tool and their lyrics are wrong. You are no better than anyone else, and the same stands true for your intrepretation. And as for George Bush, I find something wrong with not only the fact that the majority of people voted for Gore, but also that Bush has begun implimenting his "conservative christian" views into the government by doing such things as giving certain churches money, while ignoring others. A breakdown in the seperation of church and state runs in opposition to the very founding ideas that this country was based on. It is his place to be religious, however it is not his place to make the country religious. Furthermore, not believing in God doesn't mean that you're "limiting oneself from exploring any religious possiblilities." Actually, it's quite the contrary. But allowing other religions and their ideals to be a real option to you you're opening your mind to more possibilities. Believing completely and only in God... how is that exploring any religious possiblities? Thats just believing what you want, not exploring anything else. Also, if you think for youreself so much why can't you come up with anything original instead of just being a tool cover band?


this. is. unexpected. so some guy we don't know actually looked at our site. what's going on? email from him.

it is too bad you guys don't understand the message of tool. You are not thinking for yourself, or questioning authority. You do what you think tool's message is telling you to do, and i doubt you even question authority but rather assume that people that try to help you live a more productive life are all full of shit; and let me guess who you automatically assume to be liars, jesus, george bush, all conservatives, and any religious figure. Well, i'll agree that most religious groups and people that claim they are men of god have alterior motives like being scared to death of going to a phony place like hell so they must devote everyhour to religion by becoming a priest. Idiots. But jesus, and george bush are just people that your kind love to claim conspiracy upon. Think for yourself. Did jesus, myth or truth whatever you believe, come to earth to be a dictator or a mediator. And as for the bible, most interpretations involve terrrorfying their followers into believing in god, but not all christian religions use scare tactics, but they all have received a bad name for the actions of most stupid religious people. Then their is george bush. I bet you don't know anything about this man other than he is a religious republican that you think stole the election. Ask yourself why you went out of your way to add an anti george bush gimic on your website. Anyways my name is brad and i am in a tool cover band. we have played at bars, festivals, and back yards, and i read everything they sing about, and you know what, it has opened my eyes to so many things, but it really helped me to become closer to god, and it strengthened my faith. Most people just think they are anit god and anti jesus, but they say don't have any beliefs because it holds you back from finding better ideas. I take this as them saying that not believing in god is limiting oneself from exploring any religious possiblilities. So next time you think for yourself, think with your mind and not the mind of the people that influence you. Or maybe i am wrong, it is always possible, write me back and tell me your thoughts.
lounger 16@aol.com
watch the weather change!

probably a nice guy... but what a dick. misconstruing that we don't like bush and casually joke about jesus and god just because we think tool tells us to. ha. ha. ha.

first update in over a month. lots of stuff in the works for this site, though! not. anyways, last night i saw nothingface live again and got a setlist from the band and was able to shake hands and exchange words ("you guys are awesome!!!") with matt holt. it was the coolest thing that's happened to me this summer.


the foo fighters did a cover of stairway to heaven once on kilborn. it was kinda funny because dave grohl did the guitar solo that's near the end by humming it instead of playing it.


it's the end of may!!!

think for yourself question authority
throughout human history, as our species has faced the frightening, terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are, or where we are going in this ocean of chaos, it has been the authorities, the political, the religious, the educational authorities who attempted to comfort us by giving us order, rules, regulations, informing, forming in our minds their view of reality. to think for yourself you must question authority and learn how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable, open-mindedness; chaotic, confused, vulnerability to inform yourself.
think for yourself. question authority.

this is what I am.

bloody mess.

a new abuse.

i like helmet a lot. and i am actually dating a girl. here is a picture of helmet.
everybody put on your helmet helmets!!
love, wes

lateralus by tool makes me happy.

more inspiration from matt holt:

I really wish there was this big philosophy behind why I actually smoke. I love marijuana not so much for the point of getting high. But for the way it smokes, the way it smells, looks, tastes, all of that. But when it comes down to it, basically, because that's what I do. People have things that they do. I play music and I smoke weed. That's two things I can do well.

Be smart about the shit. Don't smoke the shit regularly because you think it's cool. Recognize what you can handle. You can't hide yer habits, man. It's like people that don't admit that they masturbate. That makes no sense to me.

I don't know about you... but I was thoroughly inspired by what wes posted yesterday... so I am now going to do something I've been wanting to do.. but afraid to do it... so click here.

Everybody needs to stop worrying about what other people do in their own lives. For instance....if you wanna smoke weed...smoke weed...if you want to jerk off to people shitting on each other ...then do it....and if you wanna fuck then fuck.... So people...Now hear this......"Mind your own fucking business"!!!!!!!!
-matt holt.nothingface

i saw those guys play last night and they are awesome. much better than anybody gives them credit for. take care.

happy birthday chris...


landon is so cool.

today is the day the new tool album would have been released. also, here is a photograph of my alter-ego and next door neighbor, raymond granlund:
raymond granlund

I was in a play the other night. I did well. I hate theater arts. I'm such a tool. it's over though... everything will be fine. I have a confession to make. I don't like my girlfriend so I cheated on her. it makes me smile to be such an asshole.
according to the people who try to relate what nostradomas prophesied to today's current affairs, hitler was the second anti-christ, the first being napoleon, and the third/last is supposed to wear a blue turban...   tupac?

i wrote a lot of shit here about hating everything but then realized that no one will read this or care at all so to keep from looking like a whiney bitch i erased it all.
love, wes

i want to do this!
Studying the polarities on earth and in our bodies, I learned that our brains and hearts emit magnetic energy as does the earth. The North Magnetic Pole is the place from which we gauge our position on earth. Yet the magnetic energy field at the North Magnetic Pole wanders in a slow erratic path, shifting it's position several degrees every year, never giving perfectly accurate compass bearings because of this polar wandering effect. I flew and snowmobiled up to the North Magnetic Pole, located in the Arctic. Inside the magnetic field my compass needle spun around. The sun circled overhead around the clock. I wandered across the ice desert, then took off my clothes and ran around in a circle. I felt I had dissolved into a pure energy state and become one with the magnetic field surrounding the earth.
-alex grey

have time to read something? click here to see the real update on april 5.

a news update... uh... chris's birthday is April 30. send him your best wishes any time! (931)801-0092! call any time... day or night.

aaron pinnix is a pussy.


i was bored and i drew this.
this is true!

my new hard drive is now operational. but don't expect any updates any time soon. while you're waiting though, go here and look at pictures of race horses and butterfly nets.
love, wes

hi. I'm still alive. I mean I know our THOUSANDS of viewers were oh so worried. life is too demanding.
um... no more retard buddy icons. I got tired of looking at them. and no more random picture at the top. you can still see it. just click on random pictures here...
have a nice life, world. I'm going back into hibernation. lata. chris

Hey, seeing how Wes and Chris never update their site I'm being guest updater for today. To fill the time that you would have used looking around here I'm going to direct you to some more worthless sites. Here you can go to join the I AM CRAP club. Here you can go to some cool artwork. It's worth taking a look at. The most interesting picture is this one. To learn about how oppresive white male culture is take a look at this story. Very educational. Here is graffiti, like you see on buildings. Something to choke on. Random portraits. Britian's version of disinfo is here. Go here to recieve guidance from Kurt Cobain. And finally a site that everyone should go to. The Vacuum Cleaner Museum. Well I hope you enjoyed some of these links that I've found. Talk to all ya'll later. -aaron

hey. we know that there have been no updates in a really long time but frankly i don't think either of us care. we will come back and do stuff eventually. maybe when i get a fucking computer, maybe then i'll want to do something..for those of you who don't know, my hard drive crashed and i lost everything so i'm on my roomies computer right now. i should have my new hard drive in my computer by the end of the week.well take care, its not like anyone will read this.
love, wes

a new abuse added. and i changed my buddy list around. look!


me and joe started the 10 club. click back there to go see the website we made!

we're not dead. maybe some new stuff soon. you never know. oh yeah, i put some buddy icons on the buddy icons page.

first abuse in a long time

wes lives here
a map.

hello. recently... collegehumor.com sent out a newsletter...

click here for more
want pictures of me drunk? click here.


what happened to chris? he was in the hospital... he tried to kill himself... he got a letter from an inebriated wes... and I quote... "fuck you. i hate you. i want you to eat shit and die you bastard. i hope you are gangbanged by antelopes. lata." a very unhappy and low self-esteemed person such as chris is delicate. so he cut his wrist with a butcher knife and ran around screaming... and I quote again... "fight me! fight me, janet! you bitch! fight me!" I'm not completely sure who this 'janet' is... but my hypothesis is janet reno... and clues? well... since chris is recovering... and wes is still mad at him... I did a neat-o buddy icons section... you can see above. ^ or here > here. click it!!! bitch! any way.. I'm outta hea! (or as chris and wes would say... LATA!!!)
-isaac wayan (chris's friend)

a new thing on the science page, although it's becoming more like the random wes thoughts page...

this really happened!
this is a real conversation that i had.

new science thing. the lack of updates is no big deal. live with it. no one comes here anyway. lata!

chris re-did the links section. also, it's wes's 18.5th birthday today. yay.

click here for nasty cyber direct-connect action.
love, wes

today is the 14th. my name is isaac wayan. fix your name dumbass. it's a black person. this site its not a very nice but not named isaac wayan. not rascits. I love everyone. people dont't know me. mabye I'll dot sa a story tomorrows. beowulf is englandes an oldest knowwn literal litureata litaruatukre laittureatr literaturea. fuck it. good night people. nice website issaac.

a boring old regular abuse...just another brick in the wall, i guess...

a new scientific theory done by wes. tool is the best band ever.
love, wes

go here. it's ted's delta mu chi site. its really cool and theres some cool pictures there too. and here is a direct connect abuse by wes. it's funny for two reasons. 1) people are stupid and 2)irvin penfield is cool. lata.

here is a bunch of crotches.
if you look really close you can see the visage of jesus in mitchell's crotch...

well.. there's a new story... here
that is all.

I drew 2 pictures... the serious one and this one...

this is your life...

another scientific theory added by wes...and ted got a web cam...click here to see andrew buttoning his pants.
love, wes

chris did an imabuse... and it wasn't a DIRECT-CONNECT! go. and he typed up a story! it's not funny... but it has a surprise ending that will blow you away. also... wes redid his website!
anyway.. everything sucks and I'm horny.
lata... chris.

2001 is gonna suck.
this is what i do all day.
look at that for a while.

um. click here to see something stupid that chris drew. if you can't see it you suck. well. I'm off to work... lata!

hey it's wes now, not chris anymore click here...because we all know how much i love being creepy to 12 year olds....

I got a scanner for xmas. woohoo. I scanned like 50 pictures last night! well. for those millions who read these updates... hahahahaha.. like I think the count is 3. well I redid the stories section and there's a NEW one! click here! any way... that's about it. lata!

everybody look at this.....and this

merry christmas.

I'm at wes's. woohoo. we haven't done much... there's a new story in the stories section... also... we went to a cd store and bought 13 used cds for under $20!!! they're a bunch of shit... but they were CHEAP! and I drew a picture today... I was very bored. here it is below...

I'm a vigorously, inept masturbation-addict.

all new


.. it's kind of funny.. of course the christmas story is there! any way. want to know what chris did last night?? yeah.. no one's going to read this.. so he's not going to share.

all new scientific discovery! click back there, where its a different color! not here!

gay german shit...i hate it when it doesnt snow

um... nothing happened today. but look what I found!
"Paint Bombs by The Jolly Roger
To make a paint bomb you simply need a metal pain can with a refastenable lid, a nice bright color paint (green, pink, purple, or some gross color is perfect!), and a quantity of dry ice. Place the paint in the can and then drop the dry ice in. Quicky place the top on and then run like hell! With some testing you can time this to a science. It depends on the ratio of dry ice to paint to the size of the can to how full it is. If you are really pissed off at someone, you could place it on their doorstep, knock on the door, and then run!! Paint will fly all over the place HAHAHA!!"
that's from the anarchist's cookbook.
interesting shit...

woohoo... I changed the front page... just a little.
it's cool!!!
well... lata!!!


hahahaha... we make eggs when he's over.

this is my current away message. I like it. -chris

wes tries to get in on the direct connect action...here...buy salival...oh and available only for a limited time..click here for a very special conversation with candice..who i saw at the mall today!

click here. calculus sucks.

chris is on a roll... another direct-connection abuse... woohoo... click here and landon likes penises.

chris did an abuse... here... also... heaven opened up and a naked angel fell to the ground. aaron j. pinnix raped it. go see his site... clicking here will do that for you... it's automatic...

no news. just this.

he's funny-looking.

tool is cool.

today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration... that we are all one conciousness experiencing itself subjectively... there's no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves... here's tom with the weather...
this is an announcement... chris only does updates to make himself feel better.. he knows that no one reads them.. but it's still satisfying. he also put some stuff on his site... click on this

i read them! oh and here is a two part abuse type deal with some dumbass from mississippi
-wes 11/30/00
click here...and here
love, wes

news news news... more from ABOBO.COM... I sent them a picture of abobo with mac man... click here to see it... and they replied.. I guess they always do... here's what they said:
"That sir, is the coolest thing i've seen in a while... thanks a helluvalot
I'll put it up when i fix this damn computer"
I promise the news won't always be about abobo... but this was too cool not to post...

totally self-indulgent wes news... I just put up some crappy jpeg's on my site...go here...and one normal abuse added..here

an update just in... we now have a 'news and updates' section... exciting... also... there was one new direct connect abuse added... and one last thing... we recently emailed ABOBO.COM wes's 'abobo' abuse... and they emailed a reply! here goes...
"while i did enjoy the chat, the use of abobo's face on two men having sex is not good for abobo's image."
-chuck (www.abobo.com)