wes's haiku masquerade.


chris's own website.

people we know

phallic mojo

aaron j. pinnix's website... appropriately inebriated.


this is the official delta mu chi website. go see what DMX is all about.

the 10 club

the 10 club. do you have what it takes to be a member?


this is landon. he is small.


stephen writes things.


john likes dragonballZ.


joe has a unique perspective on reality.


wes's little brother

people we don't know

they're funny sometimes... and they update a lot.

abobo is a way of life...

the official tool site.

anything and everything you'll ever need to know about tool.


don't stare at it for more than five seconds at a time.

real advice, real retards

check this out. it's fucking hilarious.

kill the old man from ZELDA!!!

this is fun!

check this out. aaron j. pinnix found this and it's really interesting.

dress-up with jesus

come dress up your lord and savior.

like pinball? go here.

fight club

this is a fan site with good pictures and the entire script. go.

very nice site. good art. loads of information.

those neat, little buddy icons everyone has.

adobe photoshop tips and tutorials...

go back.