onewhoissilent: hi
onewhoissilent: a/s/l
onewhoissilent: I read your profile
onewhoissilent: my dale is paralyzed from the neck up
turtlejo52: hi
onewhoissilent: my husband dale that is
turtlejo52: my husband is paralyzed from the chest down.
onewhoissilent: really?
turtlejo52: yes
onewhoissilent: how did it happen?
onewhoissilent: dale was working on a lawn mower and it fell on him
turtlejo52: hay bales fell from the top of the stack when he was getting ready to feed the cows
turtlejo52: they knocked him down and broke two vertebrae and caused spinal cord injury. he spent 9 weeks in the hospital
onewhoissilent: so how is your husband doing?
onewhoissilent: hello?
turtlejo52: he's doing okay. it's been two years since it happened
turtlejo52: sorry to be so long
onewhoissilent: is there any chance of recovery?
onewhoissilent: dale can't move his neck.. but believe me... our sex life is still great.. ;-)
turtlejo52: he goes to therapy once a week. We don't know. His doctor was optimistic for up to 18 months but that has come and gone.
onewhoissilent: I know how it is.
turtlejo52: We are just praying the spinal cord research will come up with something for him.
onewhoissilent: dale works at the local power plant
onewhoissilent: well...
onewhoissilent: worked
onewhoissilent: he's on disability.
turtlejo52: we get by one day at a time and try not to worry about it. my husband is too
onewhoissilent: wow.
onewhoissilent: so where do you live?
turtlejo52: he is 54
turtlejo52: we live in Idaho
onewhoissilent: oh.. we live in New York
turtlejo52: where do you live?
onewhoissilent: dale's 27.
turtlejo52: Our daughter had a pen pal from Staten Island several years ago
onewhoissilent: neat.
turtlejo52: that's pretty young. We have a son that age
onewhoissilent: wow.
turtlejo52: was your husband hurt on the job?
onewhoissilent: yes
turtlejo52: what happened?
onewhoissilent: well.
onewhoissilent: it was a sexual accident
onewhoissilent: we were having sex in the garage
onewhoissilent: and the lawnmower fell on dale
onewhoissilent: he was bleeding and screaming in agony
onewhoissilent: but we still got off together.
onewhoissilent: seriously.
onewhoissilent: so wanna meet?
turtlejo52: i think we live to far apart
onewhoissilent: I'll come up there
onewhoissilent: I'd love to meet you and your husband.
turtlejo52: what's your name?
onewhoissilent: hilda
turtlejo52: how old are you?
onewhoissilent: 43
turtlejo52: My name is mary & I just turned 48 in sept.
onewhoissilent: wow
turtlejo52: how long have you been married?
onewhoissilent: well I'm inspired with your faith that your husband won't stay a vegetable.
onewhoissilent: 5 years
onewhoissilent: you?
turtlejo52: His mind works fine. He just can't walk and his hands won't open up. We celebrated 30 years in May
onewhoissilent: that's wonderful
turtlejo52: Do you have any children?
onewhoissilent: yes...
turtlejo52: we have 3 ages 28,27,26 all married and 2 granddaughters and a baby on the way.
onewhoissilent: well. I have an illegitimate child
onewhoissilent: after my husband's accident I slept around
onewhoissilent: I told him it was his
onewhoissilent: but... well.. he's a bit slow
onewhoissilent: any how 9 months later... todd was born
onewhoissilent: he was... how can I put this?
onewhoissilent: special... unique... retarded...
onewhoissilent: but we love him.
onewhoissilent: looks like the man upstairs just had it in for me.
turtlejo52: our daughter just found out her baby has a 1 in 140 chance of being a Down's baby
onewhoissilent: so can we meet?
onewhoissilent: that's too bad.
turtlejo52: it's a long way from New York to Idaho
onewhoissilent: I know.
onewhoissilent: but I have nothing better to do.
onewhoissilent: all I do is sit around and masturbate to cartoon planet.
onewhoissilent: I really want some interest in life.
onewhoissilent: because right now I'm contemplating suicide
turtlejo52: i don't know i tend to be very conservative and cautious
onewhoissilent: oh... well that's too bad...
onewhoissilent: anyway
onewhoissilent: I have to go now.. church time!
turtlejo52: don't aeven think that way!!my husband suffered depression for years
onewhoissilent: I reallly really have to go to church right now.
turtlejo52: see a doctor about it. i know from my experiences with him what it is like. okay. I'll keep you in mind and in my prayers. e-mail me again sometime
turtlejo52: bye
onewhoissilent: goodbye