mp3iscommunism: hi
mp3iscommunism: asl?
tigereyes3726: 18/f/ga
tigereyes3726: i
tigereyes3726: u
tigereyes3726: ?
mp3iscommunism: 19/m/fl
mp3iscommunism: you have a very pretty name.
tigereyes3726: thank u
mp3iscommunism: I once saw a tiger.
mp3iscommunism: actually.... I have a picture of it.
mp3iscommunism: would you like to see it?
tigereyes3726: sure
mp3iscommunism wants to directly connect.
tigereyes3726 is now directly connected.
mp3iscommunism: oh.... I have to find it.
tigereyes3726: ok
tigereyes3726: have u found it yet???
mp3iscommunism: yeah
mp3iscommunism: I just did.
mp3iscommunism: it was really cute.
mp3iscommunism: then.. it approached me...
mp3iscommunism: and...
mp3iscommunism: well.
mp3iscommunism: I have another picture of that...
mp3iscommunism: it just started licking my butt..
mp3iscommunism: and...
mp3iscommunism: well...
mp3iscommunism: I didn't know what to do.
tigereyes3726: u gotta pic
mp3iscommunism: yes... hold on.
mp3iscommunism: I'll have to find it too.
mp3iscommunism: well.
tigereyes3726: ok
mp3iscommunism: then I got mad at the tiger right.
mp3iscommunism: for eating out my ass hole.
mp3iscommunism: so.... one thing led to another...
tigereyes3726: so what u gonna eat me
tigereyes3726: u aren't anwerin me
tigereyes3726: answerin
mp3iscommunism: sorry.
mp3iscommunism: I was thinking of a way to answer that question.
mp3iscommunism: I had 3 choices.
tigereyes3726: lol:-D
mp3iscommunism: A) yes.
tigereyes3726: what else
mp3iscommunism: B) I have to masturbate.
mp3iscommunism: or
tigereyes3726: what's the other 2 choices
mp3iscommunism: C) nah bitch.. I don't eat out black chicks.
tigereyes3726: fuck you
tigereyes3726 direct connection is closed.