afganistanianman: hello mikey faggot
slimshady2001569: hi
slimshady2001569: its fugitt
afganistanianman: fuck it?
slimshady2001569: if thats all u goin to do than fuck u
afganistanianman: you like eminem
slimshady2001569: ya
slimshady2001569: y
afganistanianman: white trash man
slimshady2001569: fuck off
afganistanianman: do you like that word?
slimshady2001569: whats it to u
afganistanianman: are you into rap alot?
slimshady2001569: ya y
slimshady2001569: do u
afganistanianman: maybe a little
slimshady2001569: a/s/l
afganistanianman: you try to be agressive on this thing don't you
slimshady2001569: dont talk about my name like that
afganistanianman: I'm sorry.. what?
slimshady2001569: now if u wanna talk we can
afganistanianman: ok
slimshady2001569: a/s/l
afganistanianman: do you do drugs?
slimshady2001569: hell no
slimshady2001569: u
afganistanianman: no
afganistanianman: are you blonde?
slimshady2001569: so whats ur age/sex
afganistanianman: are you blonde!?
slimshady2001569: yes
slimshady2001569: y
afganistanianman: so is eminem
slimshady2001569: and
slimshady2001569: whats ur pont
afganistanianman: do you want to see a pic of me
slimshady2001569: ya if u r a female
afganistanianman: here it is
slimshady2001569: were
slimshady2001569: where
afganistanianman: just click the link
afganistanianman: do you think I'm pretty?
afganistanianman: are you there mikey?
slimshady2001569: r u a fag
afganistanianman: did you like my picture?
slimshady2001569: no
afganistanianman: why not?
slimshady2001569: cuse i didnt
afganistanianman: do you like robin williams?
slimshady2001569: no
afganistanianman: no patch adams? no mork?
slimshady2001569: nop
afganistanianman: have you ever tried to lick your penis?
slimshady2001569: no
afganistanianman: eminem may have
afganistanianman: you never know.
afganistanianman: does that make you want to any more?
slimshady2001569: what
afganistanianman: do you go to church mikey?
slimshady2001569: no
afganistanianman: why not mickey?
slimshady2001569: cuse i dont
afganistanianman: you don't believe in God micey?
slimshady2001569: no
afganistanianman: are you an atheist?
slimshady2001569: no
afganistanianman: I bet you try to lick your dick
slimshady2001569: thats what ur 4
afganistanianman: homosexual urges?
slimshady2001569: u the one talkin about dicks
afganistanianman: wanting your friends to give you head is normal for early homosexuals who are unsure about their sexual identity
slimshady2001569: ya u little bitch
afganistanianman: does eminem believe in God mickey?
slimshady2001569: dont know
slimshady2001569: whats it to u
afganistanianman: what does your father do for a living?
slimshady2001569: dont know
afganistanianman: is he dead?
afganistanianman: are you a bastard?
slimshady2001569: no
slimshady2001569: nop u r
afganistanianman: do you know your father?
slimshady2001569: ya whats it to u
afganistanianman: I'd just like to know what he does for a living.
slimshady2001569: i dont know
afganistanianman: can you handle that? or are you trying to drown yourself to become closer to your idol
afganistanianman: do you have a girlfriend micey?
slimshady2001569: hes not my idol
afganistanianman: do you have an idol?
slimshady2001569: and its MIKEY
slimshady2001569: ya me
afganistanianman: do you have a girlfriend?
slimshady2001569: whats it to u
afganistanianman: you like that phrase don't you mikely?
slimshady2001569: larn how to spell
afganistanianman: can I call you chief?
slimshady2001569: no
afganistanianman: why not mikster?
slimshady2001569: fuck off
afganistanianman: again with the agression
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