jggycty: hi
jggycty: wow!
jggycty: like your profile... hahhahaha
satansmomy: high....
jggycty: NO STUPID PPL.....

if you even try ill bite off your cyber dick and puke the bloody chunks on you body.....

jggycty: hahahahhaha
jggycty: you're really harsh when it comes to that!
jggycty: but you know...
jggycty: I'm kind of into the.. bite my penis off and spit the bloody chunks back on to me.
jggycty: so let's have a go at it!
jggycty: okay. I'm on the bed
jggycty: and I'm drunk
jggycty: and you are just coming into the room from taking a shower
jggycty: and I say to you "well hello"
jggycty: and you respond by taking off your towel
jggycty: and you are completely naked now
jggycty: and I'm sooooo turned on
jggycty: and then I say "oh my God! what kind of material is that towel made of!?!?
satansmomy: and then i whip out my dick and say i forgot to tell you but im a hermie
jggycty: and then you impale my head with your hermie dick!
jggycty: and my body is laying on your bed just bleeding away!
jggycty: and my head is sticking straight out!
jggycty: and my mouth is open like I'm screaming!
jggycty: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
satansmomy: good
jggycty: and then you unzip my pants!
jggycty: take my now limp penis and bite it off!
jggycty: chew it up!
jggycty: and then sprays the blood and chunks all over the room!!!!!!
satansmomy: yeah uh huh....
satansmomy: run out of thoughts
satansmomy: r u suposed to be pissing me off or something?