mp3iscommunism: I'm a jew.
SkinsnvrDieSS213: And your point being?
mp3iscommunism: I have a big nose.
SkinsnvrDieSS213: The better to hook you with my dear
mp3iscommunism: I have money too!
SkinsnvrDieSS213: Not after I am done killing you
SkinsnvrDieSS213: Because, I will take it all
mp3iscommunism: I can buy and sell your skanky skinhead ass.
mp3iscommunism: I am one of God's chosen.
SkinsnvrDieSS213: I think not
SkinsnvrDieSS213: You need to just go and be a good little jew and die
SkinsnvrDieSS213: Well that is so latida and happy for you my dear
SkinsnvrDieSS213: Like I care who you think you are
mp3iscommunism: did you know?
mp3iscommunism: Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken!
SkinsnvrDieSS213: You are nothing but scum and trash and deserve to be discarded like it
SkinsnvrDieSS213: did you know you are probably a prime example of why the Jews were exterminated?
mp3iscommunism: hitler's dead fuck-head!
mp3iscommunism: I can rhyme.
mp3iscommunism: hitler's dead fuck-head!
mp3iscommunism: hitler's dead fuck-head!
mp3iscommunism: woohoo!
SkinsnvrDieSS213: why you must be a rap star then
mp3iscommunism: a jewish one.
mp3iscommunism: yes.
SkinsnvrDieSS213: I think that is about all the talent it takes to be a nigger rapper
mp3iscommunism: that's how I have so much money.
SkinsnvrDieSS213: Oh yeah and well make a bunch of banging on some jungle drums
mp3iscommunism: open your eyes, aryan cunt.
mp3iscommunism: hitler's dead fuck-head!
mp3iscommunism: open your thighs, aryan whore.
mp3iscommunism: hitler's dead fuck-head!
mp3iscommunism: I'm writing one right now!
SkinsnvrDieSS213: I see
mp3iscommunism: yes.
SkinsnvrDieSS213: except you got it all wrong
SkinsnvrDieSS213: As dead wrong as it can be
mp3iscommunism: hitler's not dead?
SkinsnvrDieSS213: Hitler is dead
SkinsnvrDieSS213: Yes
mp3iscommunism: ohhhh.
mp3iscommunism: good. scared me!
SkinsnvrDieSS213: An Aryan I am
SkinsnvrDieSS213: Yes
SkinsnvrDieSS213: But a cunt and a whore I am not
SkinsnvrDieSS213: I leave that for your jewish bitches to do
mp3iscommunism: what happened to fuck-head?
mp3iscommunism: are you a fuck-head?
mp3iscommunism: admit to it, fuck-head!
SkinsnvrDieSS213: No, I am not a fuck head
mp3iscommunism: well... whatever... I'm going to go sell my pro-jew, anti-nazi record.
mp3iscommunism: know what I'm going to call it?
mp3iscommunism: hitler's dead fuck-head!
mp3iscommunism: and that will be the first single too!!!
SkinsnvrDieSS213: Crash and Burn
mp3iscommunism: lata!!!