hahahahahahhahahahha....im am still laughing at this one...

khica645: asl?
dyingofboredom17: uh hold on
dyingofboredom17: ok what?
khica645: asl?
dyingofboredom17: wait...hold on again..
khica645: k
dyingofboredom17: ok what were you saying?
khica645: ASL
dyingofboredom17: dammit!!!! ill be right back!!!
dyingofboredom17: ok what did you ask me?
khica645: whhere the hell are u goin?
dyingofboredom17: im back now...what did you say?
khica645: asl
dyingofboredom17: wait...hold on again...
dyingofboredom17: this is the last time...
dyingofboredom17: i promise
khica645: jesus, fine
khica645: god
khica645: :-(
dyingofboredom17: ok now what were you saying?
khica645: asl
khica645: where were u goin?
dyingofboredom17: no where...
dyingofboredom17: im back now...
dyingofboredom17: so what did you ask?
khica645: asl?
dyingofboredom17: ...sorry..
dyingofboredom17: hold on..
dyingofboredom17: ok back
dyingofboredom17: now what did information did you want to know?
khica645: i dont see how u are so bored, god, what are u doin?
dyingofboredom17: nothing...
khica645: ??????????????????????????
dyingofboredom17: oh
dyingofboredom17: what?
dyingofboredom17: i dont get it
khica645: ASL? how old are u?
dyingofboredom17: uh..wait..hold on
dyingofboredom17: ok
khica645: HOW OLD ARE U, WHATS UR AGE? if u are talkin to someone else u dont have to tell me to hold on every 4 seconds, god, fuck, hold old are u??????????????????????????????????
dyingofboredom17: uh could you hold on a sec...
khica645: nope, bye
dyingofboredom17: what?
dyingofboredom17: what were you saying? Previous message was not received by khica645 because of error: User khica645 is not available.