jggycty: hello. I work for the medical magazine jiggy city. we serve the african-american population with the current updates in medical technology and medicine.
jggycty: we are taking an online survey of randomly selected users
jggycty: we usually would do this on our website. but due to the lack of current hits.. it just isn't possible.. would you be interested in taking the survey?
cixti1: not really
jggycty: why not sir?
jggycty: it's only three questions
cixti1: ok.....shoot
jggycty: alright. question number one. have you had sex?
cixti1: yes
jggycty: ok. question two.
jggycty: do you know what the mississipian crab-dangle is?
cixti1: hell no?
jggycty: oh well let me explain it to you.
cixti1: k
jggycty: its when one partner is upside down and is balancing on their neck and upper back while holding themselves up with their hands.
jggycty: the other partner is standing up and shoving his tally-wacker in and out of either the anus or vagina.
jggycty: this is a hetero-sexual and a homosexual position.
jggycty: it's very common in large urban areas.
cixti1: ok......i've seen that before...........never known what it was called though....
jggycty: have you ever experienced this type of position?
cixti1: nope......
jggycty: alright. and then question number three...
jggycty: would you be offended if someone with the screen name "Iwanttoeatjesus" IM'd you and claimed to be the anti-christ?
cixti1: don't know......probablly.......i would think they were just joking......ya know
jggycty: I see. there are a lot of freaks out there!
cixti1: yep..........take care........
jggycty: but usually those people don't know how to use a computer
jggycty: it's the lazy, bored, computer-nerds that do it.
cixti1: i see......
cixti1: are you 1
jggycty: just watch out.
jggycty: oh no sir.
jggycty: I run a ligitimate magazine!
jggycty: excuse me.
jggycty: legitimate
cixti1: i will..........good luck to you
jggycty: and to you too sir.

Iwanttoeatjesus: I AM THE ANTI-CHRIST!
Iwanttoeatjesus: I want to eat jesus!
Iwanttoeatjesus: yum yum
cixti1: cool
Iwanttoeatjesus: yummy in my tummy!
Iwanttoeatjesus: would you like to eat jesus?
Iwanttoeatjesus: I bet he'd be tasty! hell put on enough barbeque sauce and anything will be good! like shit!
Iwanttoeatjesus: have you ever wanted to eat shit?
Iwanttoeatjesus: visit this site.. www.poopsex.com!!!
Iwanttoeatjesus: it has everything from shit eating to dunking your head in gasoline and striking a match!
Iwanttoeatjesus: while masturbating!!!
Iwanttoeatjesus: but...
Iwanttoeatjesus: alas..
Iwanttoeatjesus: it doesn't have anything to do with eating jesus...
Iwanttoeatjesus: you don't want to talk to me do you?
Iwanttoeatjesus: this makes Iwanttoeatjesus sad.
Iwanttoeatjesus: alright..
Iwanttoeatjesus: I admit it.
Iwanttoeatjesus: I'm a computer nerd with nothing to do.
Iwanttoeatjesus: I get my 'kicks' from harassing random users, saving the conversations, and putting them up as html files on my website...
Iwanttoeatjesus: please talk to me!
Iwanttoeatjesus: I'm soooo lonely!