mp3iscommunism: hey man
brucecho1: whats going on
mp3iscommunism: not too much... just got home from karate practice
mp3iscommunism: do you like martial arts?
brucecho1: oh i just got home from work
brucecho1: yeah i took judo when i was a kid
mp3iscommunism wants to directly connect.
brucecho1 is now directly connected.
mp3iscommunism: cool.
mp3iscommunism: what belt did you get to?
brucecho1: what is direct connect
mp3iscommunism: it's cool.
brucecho1: i got to yellow, i only did it for half a year
mp3iscommunism: oh cool.
brucecho1: so where do you live
mp3iscommunism: heres a picture of how I feel after taking karate
brucecho1: oh really
mp3iscommunism: yes
mp3iscommunism: here's how I feel after I drop kick someone too.
mp3iscommunism: seriously!
brucecho1: so how did you find my screen name
mp3iscommunism: and here's one of how I feel when I wake up in the morning!
brucecho1 direct connection is closed.
mp3iscommunism: why did you close the direct connection?
mp3iscommunism: brucecho1?
Previous message was not received by brucecho1 because of error: User brucecho1 is not available.