afganistanianman: University of Cincinnati student who met a nice guy named Mark Wright
afganistanianman: who's mark wright?
brannenbon: friend
afganistanianman: oh. cool.
brannenbon: where you from
afganistanianman wants to directly connect.
brannenbon is now directly connected.
afganistanianman: do you have a pic?
brannenbon: no
brannenbon: you
afganistanianman: yes
brannenbon: where you from
afganistanianman: I'm the one on the right.
afganistanianman: hello?
brannenbon: the guuy
afganistanianman: you there?
afganistanianman: no
afganistanianman: I'm the girl.
brannenbon: ah the girl cool
afganistanianman: I was hoping you didn't leave..
afganistanianman: usually
afganistanianman: when I show my pic.. they don't talk to me anymore.
brannenbon: no its cool
afganistanianman: they tell me I'm fat and ugly.
brannenbon: where you from
afganistanianman: one guy called me bloated.
afganistanianman: I'm from alabaster, alabama.
brannenbon: wow that's far away
afganistanianman: yep.
afganistanianman: so am I fat and ugly?
brannenbon: no
brannenbon: your just like me
afganistanianman: really?
afganistanianman: ahhhh.
brannenbon: yeah
afganistanianman: hey... I gotta go... IM me sometime though... my other screen name is clmflute
afganistanianman: its my aol one.
brannenbon: k
afganistanianman: I'd love to hear from you!
afganistanianman: bye bye
brannenbon direct connection is closed.