Blonde1324: hey yo cow tipper leave shortcakes alone she is my lil sissy u crazy cow tipper
pimpmyhonda: *bites tongue to control laughter*
Blonde1324: whats so funny
pimpmyhonda: *grabs beer..perhaps alcohol will make the retards go away*
pimpmyhonda: *downs one...reaches for another*
Blonde1324: iam a student of truth and drinking never solves anything
pimpmyhonda: *finishes off first half-case...reaches for another*
pimpmyhonda: *still trying to contain laughter*
Blonde1324: what are u like 13 years old and thinnnk it is cool to drink or something
pimpmyhonda: *occasionally it burst out along with a spray of stale beer*
Blonde1324: so immature
pimpmyhonda: *begins to laugh*
pimpmyhonda: *he cant hold it any longer*
Blonde1324: oh ya haha so funny
pimpmyhonda: youre...retarded soooo ....funny
pimpmyhonda: *talking through laughter*
Blonde1324: she inst retarded
pimpmyhonda: *laughter intensifies*
pimpmyhonda: *sarcastically* ok!!!
Blonde1324: ok ur like so imature u need to grow up and get a life ur some online freak
pimpmyhonda: *laughter*
pimpmyhonda: youre right