dyingofboredom17: *doctor enters room with three nurses*
Anggell2002: yeah ok
dyingofboredom17: *first nurse begins playing opening riff of "smoke on the water*
dyingofboredom17: *second begins to strangle a cat*
dyingofboredom17: *third begins rubbing juniper blossoms on Angell2002s head*
dyingofboredom17: Doctor: are you feeling better?
Anggell2002: ok
dyingofboredom17: we were told you had a sever head cold
Anggell2002: ummmmmmmm not that i know of
dyingofboredom17: we thought we would try some "progressive" medicine
dyingofboredom17: oh...
dyingofboredom17: you dont have a head cold?
Anggell2002: no
Anggell2002: not that i know of
dyingofboredom17: *guitar stops, cat is released, rubbing stops*
dyingofboredom17: oh
dyingofboredom17: well...lets go then
dyingofboredom17: *doctor and nurses leave*