mp3iscommunism: hello there!
Sebastian Web: hi
mp3iscommunism: My name is zac!
mp3iscommunism: where do you live?!
Sebastian Web: France, Paris
Sebastian Web: yes you are right mp3 is communism !
Sebastian Web: :-)
mp3iscommunism: have you been to the eifel tower?!
Sebastian Web: yes of course ! And U ?
mp3iscommunism: no!
mp3iscommunism: *shakes Sebastion Web's hand*
mp3iscommunism: nice to meet you son!
Sebastian Web: certainly not so cool as the us skyscrapers
mp3iscommunism: *readjusts groin position*
Sebastian Web: ?
mp3iscommunism: no son.. the skyscrapers are all evil!
mp3iscommunism: *squints eyes*
Sebastian Web: okay father !
mp3iscommunism: I think you're quite the young man!
mp3iscommunism: *dentures fall to the floor and shatter*
mp3iscommunism: ahhh fffffiiittt
mp3iscommunism: gaaaaa haaammmmitttt
Sebastian Web: :-)
Sebastian Web: gaaa hammmout !
Sebastian Web: makala
mp3iscommunism: fun, ick uh i ensures!
Sebastian Web: muki muka
mp3iscommunism: *takes cane and hits Sebastion Web in the side of the head*
mp3iscommunism: oooo fun oh a hitch!
mp3iscommunism: *hits him again*
Sebastian Web: :-!
mp3iscommunism: ick uh i ensures!
Sebastian Web: i have the feeling you know me
Sebastian Web: Remy ?
mp3iscommunism: ah ooh etahded?
Sebastian Web: are you crazy ? coool !
mp3iscommunism: *defecates in his pants*
mp3iscommunism: ow ook at e!!!!
Sebastian Web: *kick him*
Sebastian Web: lakatavoulou
mp3iscommunism: owwwch fun a hitch
Sebastian Web: :-!
Sebastian Web: :-!
mp3iscommunism: *screams in pain*
Sebastian Web: :-!
mp3iscommunism: *takes off shirt*
mp3iscommunism: *takes off undershirt*
mp3iscommunism: *undoes belt*
Sebastian Web: kouloukala
mp3iscommunism: *swings belt wildly at Sebastian Web*
mp3iscommunism: *takes off pants*
mp3iscommunism: *the smell of my defouled pants fills the room*
Sebastian Web: why are you doing this?
mp3iscommunism: ow ya hittin it

most of my denture less talk is "pick up my dentures" and "you son of a bitch" I just ended up blocking him because it got boring and all he kept saying was "koulalalalou" or something... is that French or is he just a dumbass?