dyingofboredom17: hey hows it goin?
LFOgirl71: good
dyingofboredom17: outstanding!!!
LFOgirl71: asl
dyingofboredom17: 16/m/your lawn
LFOgirl71: what
dyingofboredom17: you?
LFOgirl71: my lawn what don you mean
dyingofboredom17: im from your lawn, now what is your a/s/l?
LFOgirl71: what dose that mean
LFOgirl71: about mt lawn
dyingofboredom17: mt. lawn, where is that?
dyingofboredom17: is it in the appalachians?
LFOgirl71: my
LFOgirl71: lawn
dyingofboredom17: oh, im a yard gnome, i live in your front yard
dyingofboredom17: nice to finally meet you
LFOgirl71: hi
LFOgirl71: your a freek
dyingofboredom17: hey, come on, just because im tiny, green, and irish doesnt mean im a freak
dyingofboredom17: im a nice guy!
LFOgirl71: no
dyingofboredom17: so whats up LFOgirl71?
dyingofboredom17: yes i am!!! i keep your lawn nice and green!!
dyingofboredom17: ok, fine, im telling ALL the birds to shit on your head, bitch!!!!
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