mp3iscommunism: hi!
mp3iscommunism: I'm a fellow christian!
mp3iscommunism: would you like to see my picture?
EVOICE777: cool
mp3iscommunism wants to directly connect.
EVOICE777 is now directly connected.
mp3iscommunism: wait...
mp3iscommunism: that's not it.
mp3iscommunism: oh here it is
mp3iscommunism: I can never get this stupid thing to work right
mp3iscommunism: there
mp3iscommunism: how do you like it?
mp3iscommunism: am I what you expected?
EVOICE777 direct connection is closed.
mp3iscommunism: hello?
mp3iscommunism: EVOICE777??????
mp3iscommunism: hello?
mp3iscommunism: why are you warning me???
mp3iscommunism: hello?