mp3iscommunism: I love you!
DukeKickz: who r u
mp3iscommunism: I love you sooooo much!
DukeKickz: who r u
mp3iscommunism: well... who loves you?
DukeKickz: out of
mp3iscommunism: I love you!
DukeKickz: wut iz ur name
mp3iscommunism: I'm blonde and about average height.............
mp3iscommunism: and I love you!
mp3iscommunism: so guess silly!
DukeKickz: my grade????????
mp3iscommunism: yes!:)
DukeKickz: mah school
mp3iscommunism: yes......
mp3iscommunism: I love you soooooo much!
DukeKickz: wut class were u in
mp3iscommunism: one of your math classes... guess guess guess!
DukeKickz: no u arent
mp3iscommunism: I was.. now guess!
DukeKickz: we stay with the same class all day
DukeKickz: so u wood have 2 be in all mah classes
DukeKickz: now do i know u or dont i
mp3iscommunism: yeah. but I sat next to you in the math class
mp3iscommunism: I thought you wouldn't remember me otherwise...
mp3iscommunism: I love you soo much
DukeKickz: who r u
mp3iscommunism: you have to guess!
mp3iscommunism: and remember I love you!
DukeKickz: samantha
mp3iscommunism: noooooooo.... close though...
DukeKickz: sara
DukeKickz: ????????
mp3iscommunism: yep!
DukeKickz: kool
mp3iscommunism: I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DukeKickz: o i gotta ask u somtin
mp3iscommunism: k!
DukeKickz: who the hell r u
DukeKickz: there arent any gurlz named sara at mah school
mp3iscommunism: I love you!!!!!!!!
DukeKickz: haha
DukeKickz: bye bye
mp3iscommunism: I love you!
mp3iscommunism: I want your body!
DukeKickz: a/s/l
mp3iscommunism: give me love dukekickz
DukeKickz: a/s/l
mp3iscommunism: just jokin' with ya jake.. it's jess
mp3iscommunism: how have you been?
DukeKickz: jess who
mp3iscommunism: the cute one!!! silly. and I do love you!
DukeKickz: u read my profile
DukeKickz: wut iz ur last name then
mp3iscommunism: I love you!!!!!
mp3iscommunism: I love you soooo much!!!!Previous message was not received by DukeKickz because of error: User DukeKickz is not available.