afganistanianman: Well hello there dear.
afganistanianman: how are you today?
afganistanianman: *hobbles slowly over to DDDKitty*
DDDKitty: hey,
afganistanianman: what's wrong dear?
DDDKitty: brb
afganistanianman: you're leaving? so soon? but you just arrived?
afganistanianman: I made you some cookies.
afganistanianman: *turns around and hobbles to the oven and pulls out a sheet of cookies*
afganistanianman: would you like some before you go?
afganistanianman: *hobbles back over to DDDKitty*
afganistanianman: here have some cookies.
DDDKitty: so tell me about your IM name
afganistanianman: my what?
afganistanianman: don't you want a cookie dear? I baked them for you.
DDDKitty: your user name
afganistanianman: my a... okay dear... umm.. yes.. does your mother know you talk like this?
DDDKitty: who are you?
afganistanianman: wha? you don't know who I am?
afganistanianman: *hobbles closer*
DDDKitty: no
afganistanianman: oh dear!
DDDKitty: i don't believe we've spoken, unless you are cange trying to freak me out
afganistanianman: you are on one of those drugs I heard about on the radio.. oh no.. oh God why my grand daughter!? why? first she says odd words such as IM name and user name? oh no.. no no no.. not my grand daughter... and now.. she doesn't even know who I am!!!!
afganistanianman: *tears flow down face*
afganistanianman: dear? what did you take?
DDDKitty: whats your real name then
afganistanianman: was it that horrible horrible smack I keep hearing paul harvey talk about?
afganistanianman: oh no!
afganistanianman: I think I need to call the hospital
afganistanianman: *hobbles hurriedly to the rotary phone in the corner*
afganistanianman: operator! get me the hospital at once!
afganistanianman: *tears still streaming down*
DDDKitty: brb
DDDKitty: "grandpa"
afganistanianman: oh my! she doesn't know who I am.. and she thinks I'm a man??
afganistanianman: oh no.. oh yes the hospital? yes my daughter has taken some kind of hallucinogen.. yes... yes.. she thinks I'm a man.. yes.. okay.. yes she keeps on coming in and out of the room and saying odd and screwball things.. yes.. I can hold.
DDDKitty: i only drank the tea you gave me...
afganistanianman: *turns around to see DDDKitty with a kitchen knife*
afganistanianman: what are you doing?
afganistanianman: *a horrified expression on face*
afganistanianman: *DDDKitty stabs repeatedly*
afganistanianman: why... *gurgles of blood*
afganistanianman: III loveeddddd youuuu.. *more gurgles*
DDDKitty: umm, I didn't do it?
afganistanianman: *a fresh dark pool of blood lays fresh on the floor*
afganistanianman: *the knife sticking straight in the air*
DDDKitty: please slow down you are moving too fast
DDDKitty: don't die yet
afganistanianman: *the room reaks of death*
DDDKitty: you want some neosporin for that?
DDDKitty: or a band-aid?
afganistanianman: *the voice on the phone* hello? hello? is this a prank call? hello?
afganistanianman: I'm going to hang up.
afganistanianman: hello?
afganistanianman: is anyone there?
DDDKitty: uh hey
afganistanianman: oh.. hello what seems to be the problem?
DDDKitty: um my well its a person, um just died, i don't know who it nis...
afganistanianman: oh!? does this person have a pulse? did you know them?
DDDKitty: they called me grandaughter
DDDKitty: not really
afganistanianman: what?
afganistanianman: I don't seem to understand.
DDDKitty: well
DDDKitty: me niether
afganistanianman: oh... alright... have you taken any drugs recently? any medicines?
DDDKitty: I don't know i think he-she drugged my tea
afganistanianman: you can't tell the sex of the person?
afganistanianman: isn't this person laying dead near you?
DDDKitty: yes
afganistanianman: and you can't tell the sex of the person?
afganistanianman: hello?
afganistanianman: are you there miss?
afganistanianman: miss?
DDDKitty: yes
afganistanianman: I've traced this call.. and I'm sending a police unit over to your house..
DDDKitty: um ok
afganistanianman: I really hope this wasn't a prank phone call.
DDDKitty: who is this
afganistanianman: because you can be in serious, I mean serious trouble.
afganistanianman: this is Dr. Kimmle from the hospital.
DDDKitty: what? Dr. Kibble?
afganistanianman: no.. K-I-M-M-L-E
afganistanianman: Dr... Kimmle.
afganistanianman: *knock on the door*
DDDKitty: ok, Dr. dogchow
afganistanianman: *doorbell rings*
DDDKitty: whats there
afganistanianman: *shouts from outside*
DDDKitty: whats/whos there
afganistanianman: maam! this is the north carolina state troopers!
afganistanianman: come out with your hands on top of your head!
DDDKitty: um why are you calling me
afganistanianman: we have reason to believe you have a dead body in your house!
DDDKitty: I do I do
afganistanianman: now come out or we'll be forced to come in and get you!
DDDKitty: come take it out!!!!!
DDDKitty: ugh stop shouting *faints to floor-*
afganistanianman: Maam!?
afganistanianman: Maam?
afganistanianman: alright... we're going in.
afganistanianman: *the police enter the house and find DDDKitty laying unconcious on the floor next to a mangled corpse*
DDDKitty: mangled?
afganistanianman: oh shit! she's not unconcious!
DDDKitty: i didn't touch it!
afganistanianman: *weapons are drawn*
DDDKitty: i am unconsious
DDDKitty: I am out o-u-t
DDDKitty: i didn't kiill anyone
afganistanianman: holllly shit.. look at that old bitch..... you really cut her up didn't you?
afganistanianman: damn...
afganistanianman: *the other officer*
DDDKitty: no, she cut herself up!
afganistanianman: maam.. you have the right to remain silent....
DDDKitty: I don't wanna say silent
afganistanianman: she's on drugs man! I toooold you. I toold you.. lets take her in now..
afganistanianman: and get a got damn cleanup crew in here... jesus.. I can't believe you cut up an old lady.
afganistanianman: why'd you do it? for drug money?
afganistanianman: huh?
DDDKitty: i dont wanna go in, i like it outside
DDDKitty: i don't do drugs
afganistanianman: bitch.. I can't believe it.. now she thinks she's outside...
afganistanianman: she's hallucinating right now...
DDDKitty: no i don't your outside
afganistanianman: hellllllooO!!! III AMMMMMM AAAaaa BBIggg FFIIIIISSHhhhhH!!!
DDDKitty: I know
DDDKitty: you gots purple eyes
afganistanianman: she's definately hallucinating..
DDDKitty: and green teeth
afganistanianman: lets take her in now..
afganistanianman: *a voice from the still dangling phone*
DDDKitty: O:-) don't take me in, i wanna go out
afganistanianman: hellllooo!??!?
afganistanianman: helllloo???
DDDKitty: hello mommy
afganistanianman: I am here? hello????
afganistanianman: Isn't anyone listening???
DDDKitty: i dont wanna go to school
DDDKitty: i feel green
afganistanianman: that's it.. I don't want to live anymore... life is pathetic.. dammit... I'm a doctor.. not a free and happy little boy.. *tears*
afganistanianman: why?
afganistanianman: I want to be happy... but I'm not!!!!
afganistanianman: *more tears*
afganistanianman: *sniff sniff*
afganistanianman: that's it.. I'm ending it now..
DDDKitty: I am a pony
afganistanianman: *a gunshot rings out*
DDDKitty: dont do that its loud
afganistanianman: *DDDKitty has stolen the police officers gun and has shot him in the face*
DDDKitty: um the gun go BOOM
afganistanianman: *DDDKitty shoots the other police officer in the groin, chest, abdomen, and leg*
afganistanianman: *the voice on the phone*
afganistanianman: hello? hello?
afganistanianman: fine that's it.. I'm doing this thing..
DDDKitty: hello
afganistanianman: *another loud gunshot*
afganistanianman: *silence*